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The first true 32-bit operating system developed by Microsoft was Windows 3.1. T/F


Windows 95 used cooperative multitasking for 16-bit applications and preemptive multitasking for 32-bit applications. T/F


Windows 98 was the first Windows OS to use the Kerberos security system. T/F


The advanced firewall in Windows Vista monitors incoming communications only. T/F


Mac OS X allows multiple users to access the OS in their own workspaces. T/F


Which of the following OSs was the first to offer true 32-bit functionality?
b. Windows 3.1
c. Windows 95
d. Windows 98

c. Windows 95

Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Windows NT security model?
a. file and folder protection
b. user accounts and passwords
c. all network data is encrypted
d. support for domains

c. all network data is encrypted

Which of the following features was first available in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP?
a. 64-bit Itanium support
b. Active Directory
c. Kerberos authentication
d. Component Object Model

a. 64-bit Itanium support

You have a network of 175 workstations, 5 servers, and 12 printers. You want to be able to maintain enterprise-wide control of your network printers from one location. What new tool in Windows Server 2003 R2 can help you do that?
a. Group Policy
b. MMC 3.0
c. Print Management Console
d. Printer and Queue Management

c. Print Management Console

You're running several Windows Server 2003 R2 servers. You re considering purchasing an application that requires user authentication and authorization. You want to be able to manage your user accounts through a single database that will work both for centralized logon and for this application. What feature should you consider using?
b. DFS
c. COM
d. MOM


You're an administrator for a network with 6 Windows Server 2003 R2 servers. You maintain shared files on four of those servers and your users frequently get confused as to which server holds which share. You want to simplify access to the shares on these servers. What feature can you use?
a. MOM
d. DFS

d. DFS

File Server Resource Manager offers which of the following features?
a. common hierarchy for file shares
b. single sign-on
c. quota management
d. dynamic systems initiative

c. quota management

Which of the following will be launched automatically if Vista detects a problem while booting the system?a. Restart Manager
b. Microsoft Update
c. Service-failure Recovery
d. Startup Repair Tool

d. Startup Repair Tool

You are the administrator for a company that has users that must access the network remotely on a regular basis. You want the remote connection to be secure and as easy as possible to set up for your users. What new feature found in Windows Server 2008 R2 along with Windows 7 can you use to accomplish this?
a. DirectAccess
b. BranchCache
c. FCI
d. MMC 3.0

a. DirectAccess

What feature in Windows 7 uses flash memory to supplement RAM?
a. DirectAccess
b. Bluetooth
c. BranchCache
d. ReadyBoost

d. ReadyBoost

_____________ enables the operating system to automatically detect newly installed hardware

Plug and Play

A technique in which two or more servers are linked to equally share the server processor load is called _______________.


_________________ was a new feature in Windows Server 2003 that allows companies to secure their documents from copying, forwarding, and printing.

rights management service, RMS

You can limit the amount of space users can use on a volume by setting __________.


Mac OS supported a peer-to-peer networking protocol called _________ until Mac OS X Snow Leopard.


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