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What two groups of persons were added to those eligible for Medicare benefits after the initial establishment of the medicare program

people with disabilities and end stage renal disease

To what organization did the secretary of the department of Health and Human Services delegate the responsibility for administering the Medicare program?

CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services)

What government program handles the funds for the Medicare program?

Social Security Administration

There are three items that Medicare beneficiaries are responsible for paying before Medicare will begin to pay for services. What are these three items?

deductibles, premiums and co-insurance

Medicare publishes the Medicare fee schedule and usually pays what percentage of the amounts indicated for services?


The three components of work, overhead (practice expense) and malpractice are part of an RVU. What does RVU stand for?

Relative value unit

According to the filing guidelines, providers must file claims for their Medicare patients within _____ months of the date of service.


What editions of the Federal Register would the outpatient facilities be interested in?

November and December

Under what act was a major change in Medicare in 1989 made possible

Omnibus Budget Reconciliation

Can a physician charge a patient to complete a Medicare form?


Individuals covered under Medicare are termed?


They ____ do the paperwork for Medicare and are usually insurance companies that have bid for a contract with CMS to handle the Medicare program for a specific area

Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC)

Medicare part C is also know as

Medicare advantage

HIPAA stands for

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

The most major change to the health care industry as a result of HIPAA was as a result of what portion of the act?

Administrative Simplification

HIPAA includes provisions for governing what?

Health coverage portability, Health information privacy, Administrative simplification, Medical savings accounts, and long term care insurance

The number that is assigned to all providers as a result of HIPAA is

National Provider Identification

The transfer of electronic documentation is accomplished through the use of what Interchange Technology?

Electronic Data Interchange Technology

Under the relative value system, ___values are assigned to each service and are determined on the basis of the resources necessary to the physicians performance of the service.

unit values

The __ charge historically was specific for each physician, but in 1993, the charge for a service was the same for all physicians within a locality, regardless of the specialty.


What is the primary purpose of insurance reform?

to provide continuous insurance coverage for workers and their dependents when they change or lose their jobs

For co-surgeons Medicare pays ___% of the global fee, dividing the payment equally between 2 surgeons


Specific regulations for Medicare are contained in what manual

Internet Only Manual

Within an HMO, there is usually an individual who as been assigned to monitor the services provided to the patient both inside and outside the facility. This person is known as

primary care physician (gate keeper)

In this model of HMO, the HMO directly employs the physicians, __ model?

Group Practice Model

In this model of HMO, the HMO contracts with the physician to provide the service at a set fee. This organization is known as __

Individual Practice Model

An all inclusive care program for the elderly that provides a comprehensive package of services that permits the client to continue to live at home is known as ___(PACE)

Program all inclusive care for the elderly

In what year was the Medicare program established?


The most major change to the healthcare industry is the

administrative simplification portion of HIPPA

What are the 4 parts of the Administrative Simplification

Electronic transactions and code sets, Privacy requirements, Security requirements, National identifier requirements

This term is the intentional deception or misrepresentation that results in unauthorized benefits


This organization developes a work plan to identify areas of the Medicare program that will be monitored

Office of the Inspector General

The secretary of DHHS has delegated responsibility for Medicare to which department?


Who administers funds to Medicare?

Social Security

What is the fastest growing segment of our population today?


What are the consequences for inaccurate coding?

delayed processing and payment of claims, reduced payments; denied claims, fines and/or imprisonment, exclusion from payers programs; loss of physicians license

Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989

Requires physicians to accept the amount paid for eligible Medicaid Services

Two insurance programs were established in 1965 by amendments to the Social Security Act known as...

Part A and B

The secretary of DHHS has delegated responsibility for Medicare to which department?


Who administers funds for Medicare?


Who is eligible for Medicare?

65+, on disability for 24 months and renal failure

List the three components of the relative value unit:


What does RBRVS stand for?

Resource Based Relative Value Scale

What is the fastest growing segment of our population today?

age 65+

What is the name given to the groups that handle the daily operations of the Medicare program?

Medicare Administrative Controllers

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