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Another name for the IDE hard drive interface is ATA. T/F


E-IDE is a serial interface technology whereas SATA is a parallel interface technology. T/F


CD-R is just a shorthand way to write CD-ROM, but they mean the same thing. T/F


With SAN technology, servers use a separate network to communicate with the storage device. T/F


An advantage of using tape drives for backup is that the data is accessible in random access order, making all data on the tape equally fast to retrieve. T/F


Which of the following is true about using GPT versus MBR?
a. GPT supports fewer, but larger partitions
b. MBR is a newer method and is only supported by a few OSs
c. GPT supports larger disks than MBR
d. GPT is not supported by Windows Server 2008

c. GPT supports larger disks than MBR

A friend of yours has a Mac OS X Snow Leopard computer and he has just read something about hard drives sometimes failing. He is not very familiar with his computer's built-in software and wants to know how he can back up his data. What should you tell him?
a. use the Backup and Restore Wizard found in System Tools
b. use the Time Machine Utility found on the Dock
c. use the GUI versions of dump and cpio
d. use Backup and Restore found in Disk Management

b. use the Time Machine Utility found on the Dock

Which of the following is NOT true about SSD drives compared to mechanical drives?
a. they come in much larger storage configurations
b. lower power requirements
c. no moving parts to wear out
d. faster access to data

a. they come in much larger storage configurations

Which of the following is NOT a possible advantage of using RAID versus single-disk configurations?
a. increased reliability
b. increased speed
c. fault tolerance
d. lower cost

d. lower cost

Which of the following is used for removable storage?
b. iSCSI
c. eSATA
d. E-IDE

c. eSATA

Which of the following media types has the most storage capacity?
a. fixed hard disk
b. SSD
c. Blu-Ray disc
d. flash drive

a. fixed hard disk

You have a mission-critical server that you must back up on a daily basis. You start the backup when you leave at night and the backup must be finished the next morning with no user intervention. Your server has a storage capacity of almost 2 TB. Which tape media will hold all of your server's storage on a single tape?
a. DAT
b. AIT
c. LTO


Which of the following represents a valid Linux command to mount a CD/DVD drive?
a. fdisk -t /dev/cdrom iso9660 /cdrom
b. mount -t udf /mnt/cdrom /cdrom
c. mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /cdrom
d. fdisk -t udf /mnt/cdrom /cdrom

c. mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /cdrom

Which of the following is NOT a Linux/Unix file or disk management command?
a. cfdisk
b. xfsdump
c. tar
d. xterm

d. xterm

You are planning to buy a new laptop computer. One of your primary concerns with this laptop is that it is reliable, can take a little physical abuse, and has pretty long battery life. The data you will store on it is only a couple dozen GB. Which storage technology should you use?
a. Blu-Ray discs
b. SSD
d. IDE

b. SSD

The IDE interface is the same as the ANSI _____ interface standard.


_________ is a SCSI technology that also supports SATA drives.

SAS, serial attached SCSI

______ is a newer way to partition disks and supports disk sizes up to 18 EB.

GPT, Globally Unique Identifier Table

A ______ volume can provide your storage system with fault tolerance.


________ is a removable storage technology that uses disks compatible with SATA.


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