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Windows computers can make a shared drive look like a local drive by mapping. T/F


In Linux, a network drive that is attached to the file system is called a mapped drive. T/F


It is preferable to assign permissions to individual users rather than groups because the amount of work for the administrator is reduced. T/F


Global groups are used to hold user accounts while domain local groups are used to hold Global groups and provide access to resources. T/F


NFS is used by UNIX/Linux systems to mount a shared partition as a drive letter. T/F


You are explaining to a colleague how to make a shared resource available on a Linux file system. Which of the following terms best describes what you should tell him?
a. map a drive letter
b. mount a drive letter
c. mount a volume
d. map a volume

c. mount a volume

Which of the following password security options enables the server to 'remember' a user's previous passwords?
a. Minimum password length
b. Enforce password history
c. Passwords must meet complexity requirements
d. Minimum password age

b. Enforce password history

Which account feature can be configured to prevent a user from logging in after incorrectly entering the password a number of times?
a. Account disable
b. Account expiration
c. Account lockout
d. Account reset

c. Account lockout

Which of the following is NOT included in the Linux password (/etc/passwd) file?
a. user name
b. user permissions
c. UID
d. home directory location

b. user permissions

To protect user's passwords on a Linux system, they can be kept in a file only available to the system administrator. What is the name of that file?
a. etc/passwd
b. /sys/secpass
c. /etc/shadow
d. /sys/encryptpass

c. /etc/shadow

You need to create a user on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. What command should you use?
a. newuser
b. userconf
c. useradd
d. moduser

c. useradd

You have just successfully created a user named acoulter on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. You left the password blank so the user can easily log on and create her own password. The user calls you and informs you she cannot logon. She has tried several times and has used a blank password but still cannot logon. What is likely to be the problem?
a. you didn't add the user to the right group
b. the user is not entering the password correctly
c. the user has caps lock on
d. the account is disabled

d. the account is disabled

Which of the following is a valid permission in the Linux file system?
a. Full Control
b. Modify
c. Write
d. Change

c. Write

Which of the following is NOT an event type that can be set up for logging using Server Admin on Mac OS X Server?
a. Login and Logout events
b. Installation of applications
c. Opened files
d. Deleted files

b. Installation of applications

Which of the following permissions should you set on a shared printer in Windows to allow a junior administrator to configure the properties of the printer?
a. Full Control
b. Manage Printers
c. Manage Documents
d. Modify

b. Manage Printers

__________ is a software process that enables a client workstation to attach to a shared folder on another workstation and assign it a drive letter.


A _________________ service provides a central listing of resources and the ability to access and manage resources.


You use __________ groups to hold user accounts from the same domain as members.


The account lockout ____________ enables you to set a limit to the number of unsuccessful attempts to log onto an account.


In Windows, the ___________ sharing permission enables users to read, add, modify, execute, and delete files but not change permissions.


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