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Capítulo 1 - Verbos con preposición

Chapter 1 vocab.
atreverse a
to dare to
conducir a
to drive to
ir a
to go to
llegar a
to arrive at
regresar a
to return to
abrigarse con
to keep warm with
quedar con
to arrange to meet with
acabar de + infinitivo
to have just finished doing something
alejarse de
to move away from
datar de
to date from
disfrutar (de)
to enjoy (doing something)
marcharse de
to go away from
regresar de
to return from
reírse (i) de
to laugh at
alojarse en
to stay in
convertir (ie, i) en
to turn into
desarollar en
to develop into
quedar en + infinitivo
to agree to do something
sentarse (ie) en
to sit down in/on
conducir por
to drive by
pasar por
to go by