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from the Branches of Government in the Roan Republic worksheet


formed by Romulus; served for life; administered laws and decrees; controlled treasury and collected taxes; appointe dmilitary commanders; received foreign ambassadors and ratified treaties with foreign powers

Comitia Curiata

approved family documents; recognized curia of Rome

Comitia Centuriata

army organized into centuries with groups of equites (cavalry), hoplites, and proletarians (unarmed men); met on Campus Martius; elected consuls, praetors, and censors; voted

Concilium Plebis

Plebeian curiae; elcted tribunes to represent plebeians; plebicites

Comitia Tributa Populi

free citizens; elected quaesters; righ to enact legislation


quaestors, aediles, praetors, consuls|dictator, censor, tribune


assistant to Consuls, financial affairs, muder investigators


first assistants to tribunes then patrician adeiles; public games and grain supply


judge; imperium if consuls away; command army in emergency


one year; imperium; preceded by 12 lictors on formal occasions; could veto the other; alternated in office


6 month term in crisis; absolute power; legend of Cincinntus


2; assessed property and assigned citizens to gentes, curia, and centuries; enforced public morality; could appoint senators; could expel senators; 5 years; no imperium


leader of plebeians; no imperium; sacrosnct; could veto consul and senate

Cursus honorum

order of advancement through elected offices


power of magistrates to command armies and coerce citizens

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