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Chapter 12 Review - Forces and Motion (Advanced)

Covers: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces, Inertia, Projectile motion, Solving for Acceleration, Solving for Force, Solving for Momentum, Nuclear forces, Momentum, Action and reaction forces, acceleration, Gravity, Gravitational forces, weight, friction, types of friction, etc. and more!
Which of the following relationships is correct?
A) 1N = 1 kg
B) 1N = 1 kg times m/s squared
C) 1 N = 1 kg times m
D) 1N = 1kg times m/s squared
When a pair of balanced forces acts on an object, the net force that results is _____.
Equal to Zero
As you push a cereal box across a tabletop, the sliding friction acting on the cereal box _____.
Acts in the direction of opposite motion.
An open parachute increases air resistance of a falling sky diver by _____.
Increasing surface area.
Projectile motion is caused by _____.
The downward force of gravity and initial forward velocity.
An orange might roll off your cafeteria tray when you stop suddenly because of _____.
The orange's inertia
If a force of 10N is applied to an object with a mass of 1 kg, the object will accelerate at _____.
10 m/s squared.
The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Mars is about one-third the acceleration due to gravity on Earth's surface. The weight of a space probe on the surface of Mars is about _____.
One-third its weight on Earth's surface
In which of the following are action and reaction forces involved?
A) When a tennis racket strikes a tennis ball
B) When stepping from a curb
C) When rowing a boat
D) All of the above
What is the momentum of a 50-kilogram ice skater gliding across the ice at a speed of 2 m/s?
100 kg times m/s squared
When opposite poles of two magnets are brought together, the poles _____.
Attract each other
With which of the following is the weak nuclear force associated?
A) Lightning
B) Nuclear energy
C) Ocean tides
D) Static cling
The gravitational force between two objects increases as mass _____.
Increases or distance decreases.
The centripetal force acting on a satellite in orbit _____.
A) Acts an an unbalanced force on the satellite
B) Changes the direction of the satellite
C) Is a center-directed force
D) All of the above
The type of force measured by a grocery store spring scale is _____.
Weight, due to gravity
If the forces acting on an object produce a net force of zero, the forces are called _____.
Balanced forces
It usually takes more force to start an object sliding than it does to keep an object sliding because static friction is usually _____ than sliding friction
The universal force that is most effective over the longest distances is _____.
The centripetal force acting on the moon continuously changes the _____ of the moon's motion.