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Lesson 4.1 Quiz Practice

People can tell you are a Christian by you having the fruit of the Spirit in you.
What does it mean to say, "a tree is known by its fruit?"
What is the penalty for Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
speaking against the Holy Spirit
What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
Jesus followers; Jesus rejectors
What are the two groups of people at this point in His ministry?
Jesus wanted them to repent
Why did Jesus so quickly reason with the Pharisees after they accused him of using Satan's power?
casting out demons
What is an exorcism?
Was Jesus the first to perform an exorcism?
religious leaders
Whose job in Jewish culture was it to cast out demons?
Establish communication with the demon
What is the first step to casting out a demon?
Ask the demon for its name
What is the second step to casting out a demon?
Address the demon by name to cast it out
What is the third step to casting out a demon?
It made the man mute
What was special about the demon in Matthew 12?
Did the "special" demon create a problem for the religious leaders?
They could not cast the demon out of the man.
What problem did the "special" demon create for the religious leaders?
Only the Messiah could cast out this type of demon.
What did the leaders of Israel teach out this "special" demon?
be quick to repent
What is the primary lesson that we should take away from the event in Matthew 12?
There is always ___ for the truly repentant.
There is always grace for the truly ___.
Both went to people telling them they need to repent
How are Jesus and Jonah similar?
they did not repent
How did the Pharisees differ from the Ninevites?
they repented
How did the Ninevites differ from the Pharisees?
unless you are repentant
What phrase is implied in each of Jesus and Jonah's judgments?
The announcement of ___ is a call to repentance.
The announcement of judgment is a call to ___.
gives us hope for forgiveness and grace
How does the conversion of Paul encourage us in light of the story in Matthew 12?
What city was Jonah sent to?
because of your sin you are going to be judged
What message did Jonah preach?
What word do we use to describe Jonah's message?
Whose conversion from the Bible gives us hope for forgiveness and grace?
not believe in Jesus
Accusing Jesus of using Satan's power allowed the Pharisees to do what?
A tree is known by its ___.
Who was being accused of blaspheming the Holy Spirit?
According to the Pharisees, only the ___ could cast out a demon that caused muteness.
Was Jesus the first person to cast out demons?