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The New Testament in the Catholic Bible Consists of _______ books.


. ________ was a Doctor of the Church, powerful preacher, and writer who tried to make the Sacred Scriptures relevant and accessible to everyday people of faith.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

. All of the following statements about the books of the Bible are true except_______.

Many were written shortly after the events they describe had happened

An Authentic interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures is grounded in_______.

The tradition and teachings of the Church

The goals of the biblical study are to discover all of the following except________.

Biographical detail

The infallible definition regarding the books included in the canon was declared at the ______.

Ecumenical Council of Trent

At most Sunday Masses, the first reading of the Liturgy of the Word is from_________.

The Old Testament

The New Testament is called new for all the following reasons except that_________.

God called his People to a new repentance

The original languages of the Bible were_________.

Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek

______ translates the bible into Latin, and this version was used by the Church for over one thousand years.

Saint Jerome

The Catholic Church teaches that faith can coexist with_______.

History and science

Among the list of characteristics of Catholic interpretation are all of the following except_____.

Challenges of non-believers

The Catholic Bible differs from the Protestant Bible in that it contains________.

Seven additional Old Testament books

The Principal witnesses to the life and teaching of Jesus are________.

The Gospels

Part of every Christian's vocation is________.

To spread a religious education class

What is it that God desires most of us?

That we know him

Which of the following statement is false?

The angles are God's most important works of creation

. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, our inner longing for God is written in_____.

The Human Heart

What can hinder our ability to know God more fully?

The consequences of Original Sin

To what is God inviting us?

A relationship of mutual love and understanding

In Psalm 42 the psalmist compares thirst for God to_____.

A deer searching for water

Presenting the understanding of revealed truth in a logical and systematic way is the goal of______.

Scholastic theology

The document Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World ( Gaudium et spes, 1965), coming out of Vatican Council II, addressed all of the following except_______.

The best way for the priest to say the Mass

The document Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World ( Gaudium et spes, 1965), also deals with the sanctity of marriage and family life and_____.

Economic and social justice

Which of the following statements is not true about moral conscience?

It gives us an excuse to make poor decisions.

________ are the means by which Divine Revelation is transmitted to every generation.

The Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition

The book of Genesis does all of the following except______.

Describe life as it was between 200 and 1500 BC

Saints, who are highly esteemed for their theological writings as well as their holiness, are given the title____ by the Church.

Doctor of the Church

God alone has revealed to us the central mystery of the Christian faith, which is_______.

The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity

. God stops the people from building the Tower of Babel by_______.

Confusing their speech

Sin that is a serious transgression of a person's relationship with God and their neighbors is called___.


.____ is the passing on of the authority to teach and interpret the Scriptures and Tradition to the bishops.

Apostolic Succession

God's relationship with his People throughout the Book of Genesis is much like a_____.


Genesis presents in figurative or symbolic language the beginning of_______.

Salvation History

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