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Right Angle Clamp
For tunneling under a vessel or passing a suture suture around tissue or vessel
Glassman Clamp
Used to clamp bowel
Bulldog Clamp
Used to clamp small blood vessels.
Disposable Bulldog Clamp
Goulet (Bull) Retractor
Used to retract shallow or superficial incisions
A Deaver retractor (manual) is used to retract deep abdominal or chest incisions. Available in various widths.
Army Navy Retractor
Alias - US Retractor
Use -Tissue or Bone Retraction
Additional Info - Common to the both major and minor orthopedic and general surgery trays
Surgical Instrument - Richardson Retractor
Alias - Rich
Use - Retraction within cavities
Additional Info - Available in multiple sizes as well as single and double ended. This is one of the most common general surgery retractors
Harrington (Sweetheart) Handheld Retractor
Harrington retractor in action
Balfour retractor
Ribbon or malleable retractor
Can be bent to different sizes.
Ribbon retractor in action
Senn Retractors

Senn retractor:
- rake one end, flat blade on the other
- retract tissue and bone
Balfour abdominal retractor with blade
Balfour Retractor in action
Iron Intern Arm in action
Iron Intern retractor arm (with accessory retractors).
Bookwalter retractor
Bookwalter retractor in action
Bookwalter retractor in action
Skin hook
Vein Retractor
Vein retractor in action
(blue arrow)
Hand held rake
The teeth are closer together than a skin hook
Gelpi perineal retractor: retracts skin edges for superficial procedures
Gelpi retractor in action
Surgical Instrument - Weitlaner Retractor
Alias - Self Retainer
Use - Retraction
Additional Info - Available with both sharp and dull jaws.
Weitlaner retractor in action
Scalpel blades
#20 looks similar to #10, except #20 is larger
#11 scalpel blade in action
Scalpel Handles
#7 (for small blades)
Bard-Parker #3 and #4 comparison
#4 is larger
Mayo scissor (top)
Metzenbaum scissor (bottom)
Metzenbaum are thinner
Curved Mayo Scissors
Alias - None
Use - Cutting
Additional Info - Common to most surgical trays, used for cutting dense tissue where "Metz" scissors are too delicate
Metzenbaum Scissors
Alias - Metz
Use - Cutting
Additional Info - The most common scissors use for cutting delicate tissue.
Debakey Forceps
Alias - Debakey's
Use - Grasping
Additional Info - One of the most common surgical forceps, used for grasping soft tissue, blood vessels and bowel
Allis Clamp
Surgical Instrument - Allis Clamp
Alias - None
Use - Grasping
Additional Info - Often used for grasping soft tissue such as breast tissue or bowel tissue
Castro-Viejo Needle Driver
Alias - Castro's
Use - Suturing
Additional Info - Castro viejo needle drivers are most common to Vascular, Ophthalmic, and delicate Cosmetic Surgery. The come in both locking and non-locking varieties depending on surgeon preference and are used for very fine suture in the 5-0 and smaller range.
Adson (thumb) tissue forceps
Common tissue (thumb) forceps with "teeth"
Adson grasping forceps
Plain forceps
Mosquito hemostatic forceps
curved and straight
Needle holders (notice cavity in tips), used for suturing
Crile hemostatic forceps (curved and straight)
Kelly hemostatic forceps (curved and straight) notice the tip difference
Carmalt hemostatic forceps
(curved and straight)
used to clamp blood vessels
Length wise groove

Alias - None
Use - Clamping
Additional Info - Larger than a Kelly clamp and often confused with the Peon Clamp of the same size; Carmalt clamps have the characteristic jaw structure pictured.
Yankauer suction tip (tube)
Often used for oral suction
Poole Suction
Alias - None
Use - Suction
Additional Info - All of the holes around the poole suction allow it to suck up large amounts of fluid without getting clogged. Perfect after irrigating the abdominal cavity
Looks like a pool stick
Frazier suction tip
(also known as a neuro tip, but can be use to suction ears)
Suture (removal) scissors
Backhaus towel clamps
Surgical Instrument - Babcock
Alias - None
Use - Grasping
Additional Info - For grasping soft tissue or bowel.
Ring (sponge) "hemostat" Although it is referred to as a "hemostat", it is used to hold sponges
Surgical Instrument - Kocher
Alias - None
Use - Grasping
Additional Info - Used to grasp bone or fascia
(Laparoscopic Instruments)
Release fluid or gas build-ups
Sharp stylet inside cannula
Alligator grasping forceps
Dissecting forceps
Micro scissors
Spider® Surgical Laparoscopy System
Uses only one incision for gas, camera, instruments
GIA Stapler (gastrointestinal)
divides, cuts and auto staples tissues, like intestines
(The inside of the stapler
The Fish®, Glassman Viscera Retainer
Use: Help suture abdomen closed while protecting intestines
Unipolar cautery
Cuts and coagulates/burns tissue to stop bleeding and destroy tissue (like a wart)
(Bovie© is a registered name- sometimes cauterizers are referred to as "Bovie©" like "Klenex©" instead of facial tissue)
Unipolar Cutting Cautery
Bipolar Cautery: used to stop bleeding
of small vessels. Used with a foot switch.
Diathermy Pad
Used for grounding when using a cautery device on a patient
Da Vinci ® Robotic System for Surgery

It is the single robot actually used clinically in minimally invasive surgery by various sub-specialities. It consists of 2 entities as illustrated and numbered hereunder : 1) a master-slave-system and 2) the console at which the surgeon (3) pilots the device, his assistant (4) working next to the robotic arms and the patient.
Source: http://www.robotic-urology-geneva.ch/urology/index.php/the-project/the-da-vinci-robot.html
Rib spreaders.
Used to open up the chest during cardiovascular surgery