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  1. drift
  2. transverse dunes
  3. retreating (recession)
  4. truncated spur
  5. dropstone
  1. a any material carried and deposited by a glacier is known as ______________ (early scientists thought flooding was the reason for the moving of the material)
  2. b a glacier that is melting faster than it is moving forward is ___________
  3. c a rock that was carried by a glacier or iceberg, deposited as the ice melted, and became part of the bedrock
  4. d the tip of the end of an arete. it is cut by another glacier
  5. e dunes: steady winds, lots of sand, no vegetation, series of troughs, ridges perpendicular, up to 200 meters tall

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  1. ridges of till that are left along the sides as a glacier flows
  2. another name for a glacial valley
  3. streams that only carry water in response to rainfall
  4. what were the Pater Noster lakes named after, (they appear as if connected like rosary beads)
  5. a nearly vertical channel in the ice that is formed by flowing meltwater

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  1. dunesmounds/ridges of sand blown from the wind


  2. crevasseslarge cracks in the surface of a glacier caused by uneven movement are known as _______________ (can reach a depth of 165 feet)


  3. deflationany boulder moved by a glacier is known as a(n) ____________


  4. crag and taila glacially eroded rocky hill with a tail of TILL formed down-glacier of it is known as a _________________


  5. piedmont glaciersvalley glaciers that reach the valley floor and spread out