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  1. pater noster
  2. tidewater glaciers
  3. pleistocene epoch
  4. aretes
  5. truncated spur
  1. a division of the geological time scale (2 mill - 3 mill years ago)
  2. b valley glaciers that end in a lake or ocean
  3. c latin word for "our father"
  4. d form where two cirques are located back to back and create a sharp-edged ridge
  5. e the tip of the end of an arete. it is cut by another glacier

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  1. a glacially eroded rocky hill with a tail of TILL formed down-glacier of it is known as a _________________
  2. giant lake that was built by a glacier acting as a damn, channeled scab lands by a glacial lake outburst
  3. mounds/ridges of sand blown from the wind
  4. ridges of till that are left along the sides as a glacier flows
  5. (end moraine) at the absolute farthest point a glacier has reached

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  1. cirque lake (tarn)when a cirque fills with water (created in mountains)


  2. crevasseslarge cracks in the surface of a glacier caused by uneven movement are known as _______________ (can reach a depth of 165 feet)


  3. troughanother name for a glacial valley


  4. firn (neve)snow that has survived one summer and has begun the process of transformation into ice (usually 25 years) is called


  5. playa lakethe leeward side of a sand dune