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  1. dark
  2. cross-beds
  3. alluvial fan
  4. rock flour
  5. star dunes
  1. a what is the color of the bands of ogives during summer months ?
  2. b pulverized rock produced by the glacial gristmill
  3. c layers inclined in the direction the wind is blowing
  4. d dunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall
  5. e formation when run off falls from the base of mountain

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  1. glaciers that exist in lofty mountain areas, where they usually follow valleys. (advance very slowly)
  2. a temporary lake that will last only a couple of days
  3. deep striations are known as ___________________
  4. a giant glacial flood often caused by volcanism
  5. represents periods of time between glaciation events during the Ice Age.

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  1. driftany material carried and deposited by a glacier is known as ______________ (early scientists thought flooding was the reason for the moving of the material)


  2. winterwhat time of year is represented by dark varves


  3. fjordsflooded glacial valleys caused by an increase in sea level


  4. moraine dammed lakea lake formed during a period of increased rainfall


  5. blowoutsshallow depressions (1m-45m in depth)


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