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  1. roche mountonee
  2. glacial milk
  3. snowline
  4. cross-beds
  5. esker
  1. a what is the mixture of rock flour and water called ?
  2. b layers inclined in the direction the wind is blowing
  3. c elevation above which snow remains year-round is the
  4. d a winding ridge, that once was a river that flowed underneath a glacier is a(n) ____________
  5. e ramp shaped mountain made by rock that is carved by a glacier, steeper side represents the direction the glacier was moving (literally means "sheep back")

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  1. (end moraine) at the absolute farthest point a glacier has reached
  2. during the last ice age the three ice sheets that covered north america were Cordilleran ,___________________, and Greenland
  3. dunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall
  4. any material carried by a glacier and then dropped in water
  5. valley glaciers that end in a lake or ocean

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  1. morainea nearly vertical channel in the ice that is formed by flowing meltwater


  2. cirque (cwm)a bowl shaped basin at the head of a glaciated valley produced by frost wedging


  3. barchanoid dunesdunes: solitary, tips point down wind, limited amount of sand, form on flat land, no vegetation, migrate slowly, max. 30 meters tall


  4. valley traina relatively narrow body of stratified drift deposited on a valley floor by meltwater that are from a valley glacier


  5. jokulhlaupa giant glacial flood often caused by volcanism