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  1. glacial budget
  2. jokulhlaup
  3. stratified drift
  4. star dunes
  5. tidewater glaciers
  1. a the balance or lack of balance between accumulation at the upper-end of a glacier and loss at the lower end
  2. b dunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall
  3. c a giant glacial flood often caused by volcanism
  4. d valley glaciers that end in a lake or ocean
  5. e any material carried by a glacier and then dropped in water

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  1. (from the french) _____________ is a tower of unstable ice that forms between crevasses, commonly in ice falls or other regions of accelerated glacier flow
  2. what time of year is represented by light varves
  3. the loss at the lower end of a glacier
  4. what is the cause for glaciers flowing ?
  5. basins or depressions within the end moraines, outwash plains

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  1. lightany material carried and deposited by a glacier is known as ______________ (early scientists thought flooding was the reason for the moving of the material)


  2. alluvial fanwhat is the mixture of rock flour and water called ?


  3. pleistocene epochdivision of the geological time scale (2 mill - 3 mill years ago)


  4. fjordsflooded glacial valleys caused by an increase in sea level


  5. hornspyramid shaped peaks created by the presence of 3 (+) cirques is known as a ______________________