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  1. valley glaciers
  2. drift
  3. kettles
  4. (arroyo) (wadi) (donga) (nullah)
  5. cryconite
  1. a basins or depressions within the end moraines, outwash plains
  2. b names for ephemeral streams - streams that carry water only in response to rainfall
  3. c any material carried and deposited by a glacier is known as ______________ (early scientists thought flooding was the reason for the moving of the material)
  4. d glaciers that exist in lofty mountain areas, where they usually follow valleys. (advance very slowly)
  5. e a depression in the surface of a glacier created by the heating of rocks is called a ___________________

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  1. another name for a glacial valley
  2. a bowl shaped basin at the head of a glaciated valley produced by frost wedging
  3. (end moraine) at the absolute farthest point a glacier has reached
  4. kettle that fills with water (ex. Walden Pond)
  5. a ridge of till formed where two glaciers form together

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  1. erraticany boulder moved by a glacier is known as a(n) ____________


  2. summera cone shaped deposit of sediment (formed by a river flowing over the surface of a glacier and into a crevasse


  3. glacial milkwhat is the mixture of rock flour and water called ?


  4. longitudinal dunesdunes: long ridges of sand that form parallel to the prevailing wind and where sand supplies are moderate


  5. morainewhen a glacier reaches the ocean or any large body of water, large pieces of the glacier break off. this is known as ____________