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  1. (arroyo) (wadi) (donga) (nullah)
  2. glacial budget
  3. hanging valleys
  4. desert pavement
  5. blowouts
  1. a shallow depressions (1m-45m in depth)
  2. b the balance or lack of balance between accumulation at the upper-end of a glacier and loss at the lower end
  3. c layer of coarse material (rock and pebbles) on a desert floor formed by deflation
  4. d valleys created by a tributary glacier, that enters the main valley a great distance above the floor are known as ____________
  5. e names for ephemeral streams - streams that carry water only in response to rainfall

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  1. dunes: cross between barchan and traverse dunes, moderate amount of sand, similar to traverse dunes but with tips, tips point down wind
  2. what is the mixture of rock flour and water called ?
  3. the leeward side of a sand dune
  4. the fluid like movement of a glacier can be described as ___________
  5. bands of light and dark sediments (different from ogives, they are horizontal)

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  1. penitentsform where two cirques are located back to back and create a sharp-edged ridge


  2. kettlesany material carried by a glacier and dropped on land by a glacier


  3. colan arete that takes on a saddle shape


  4. glaciera cone shaped deposit of sediment (formed by a river flowing over the surface of a glacier and into a crevasse


  5. cryconitea depression in the surface of a glacier created by the heating of rocks is called a ___________________