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  1. sun cup
  2. ablation hallows
  3. piedmont glaciers
  4. deflation
  5. pleistocene epoch
  1. a an ablation hallow that develops during intense sunshine
  2. b division of the geological time scale (2 mill - 3 mill years ago)
  3. c irregular feature created in the surface of a glacier due to differences in wind and temperature on the surface of a glacier are called __________
  4. d the lifting and removal of loose material with downward movement
  5. e valley glaciers that reach the valley floor and spread out

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  1. (from the french) _____________ is a tower of unstable ice that forms between crevasses, commonly in ice falls or other regions of accelerated glacier flow
  2. dunes: steady winds, lots of sand, no vegetation, series of troughs, ridges perpendicular, up to 200 meters tall
  3. (end moraine) at the absolute farthest point a glacier has reached
  4. elevation above which snow remains year-round is the
  5. bands of light and dark sediments (different from ogives, they are horizontal)

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  1. erraticany boulder moved by a glacier is known as a(n) ____________


  2. cordillerana nearly vertical channel in the ice that is formed by flowing meltwater


  3. kettlesany material carried by a glacier and dropped on land by a glacier


  4. drumlina ramp shaped DEPOSIT of sediment with one shallow side and one steep-side is known as a _______________ (shallow side represents direction the glacier is moving) glacier moves up the steep end of the deposit.


  5. 4an arete that takes on a saddle shape