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Social Studies MIDTERMS

for Social Studies midterm exam.
Treaty of Tordesillas
divided the newly discovered lands outside Europe between Portugal and Spain
belief in the benefits of profitable trading; commercialism.
a fortified military settlement
a fleet of warships
a member of the assembly of colonial Maryland or Virginia
Indentured Servant
a person who signs and is bound by a formal agreement to work for another for a specified time, esp. in return for payment or travel expenses and maintenance.
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
orders to describe the government set up by the Connecticut River Towns
Toleration Act of 1649
law mandating religious tolerance for Catholics (Maryland)
Charter colony
king granted authority to colonial government establishing the rules under which the colony was to be governed
Proprietary colony
one or more individuals remain subject to their parent state's sanctions
Royal colony
ruled by governor appointed by monarch
Subsistence farming
where farmers focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and their families
Proclamation of 1763
following British acquisition of French territory after French and Indian War
Committee of Correspondence
an organization that spreads political ideas through the colonies
Non-importation agreements
boycott of British goods
Northwest Passage
What were Dutch, English, and French explorers looking for in America?
Martin Luther
nailed list of complaints about the Catholic Church on church door and rejected many Church practices.
John Calvin
believed in all-powerful nature of God and that good works alone did not ensure a person's salvation
fishing and fur trade
What were the French interested in when they came to North America?
What group of people landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts?
Captain John Smith found settlers to work, explored area, and gathered corn
Who were the leaders of the Jamestown colony? How did they help?
gold, fish, furs
What 3 things did the Virginia Company send settlers to search for?
Roger Williams
Who founded the colony of Rhode Island for those who were kicked out of Massachusetts?
John Winthrop
Who was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony?
Maryland and Virginia
In which colonies was tobacco the main cash crop?
New York and Pennsylvania
In which section of the colonies was wheat the main cash crop?
South Carolina and Georgia
In which colonies was rice the main cash crop?
grain industry, clothing, shipbuilding, and fishing
List the businesses and industries of the New England colonies.
Limited wages, applied taxes, and enacted new acts
Because of mercantilism, how did England treat its colonies?
Benjamin Franklin
Who was the best example of the Enlightenment?
Navigation Acts
What laws required that the colonies only trade with the British Empire?
The New England Primer
What book did colonial students use to learn to read?
Benjamin Franklin
Who suggested the Albany Plan of Union?
It proposed a single government against the French.
What was the Albany Plan of Union?
control of world trade and power of the seas
What reasons led to French and Indian War in North America?
William Pitt
Who was the British Prime Minister that changed their strategies and helped the British win the war?
George Washington
Who was the militia leader that tried to get the French to leave and ended up surrendering to the French army?
prevented colonists from moving west of Appalachian
Proclamation of 1763
lowered tax on imported molasses
Sugar Act
colonists must supply British troops with housing and other supplies
Quartering Act
taxes on printed material
Stamp Act
right to tax and make decisions for colonies for whatever reason
Declaratory Act
new taxes only applied to glass, tea, paper
Townshend Acts
closed Boston Harbor, banned town meetings, forced colonists to provide housing to soldiers
Coercive Acts
allowed officers to search anywhere for smuggled goods
Writs of Assistance
allowed smugglers to be sent to special courts without juries
Vice-admiralty courts
Liberty Affair