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crime and war

crime is everywhere
crime is ubiquitious, meaning:
FBI crime clock
data that the FBI retrieves each year making a clock out of it saying what what happens each hour
transnational crime
Offenses who inception, prevention, and/or direct or indirect effects involve more than one country
vice crime
Illegal activities that have no complaining party and are often called victimless crimes; Include using illegal drugs, engaging in or soliciting prostitution, illegal gambling and pornography
organized crime
Criminal activity conducted by members of a hierarchically arranged structure devoted primarily to making money through illegal means
white collar crime
Violate law to maximize profit. Crimes committed in course of employment or by corporations in the interest of maximizing profit
occupational crime
individuals commit crimes in the course of their employment
corporate crime
corporations violate the law in the interest of maximizing profit
computer crime
Any law violation in which a computer is the target or means of criminal activity; One of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S.
juvenile delinquency
Children under 18 are handled by juvenile court status as offenders or delinquent offenders
status offense
crime that can only be committed by a juvenile
delinquent offense
offense that would be considered a crime if committed by an adult
helping offenders rehabilitate using education and job training, individual and group therapy, substance abuse counseling, and behavior modification
putting offender in prison
The most violent form of conflict, refers to organized armed violence aimed at a social group in pursuit of an objective; defensive or offensive, it involves the most horrendous atrocities known to humankind; One of the great paradoxes of human history o It both protects and annihilates; It creates and defends nations and also destroys them
index crime
street crime; can be against a person or property