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worked for a number of years and then were free

indentured servants

children were born as slaves


worked mainly in the South on large plantations


worked for someone else

indentured servants and slaves


indentured servants

worked for life


easy to escape; could blend in

indentured servants

helped the colonies prosper

indentured servants and slaves



difficult to escape; skin color stands out


Slaves had a great deal of knowledge on how to grow this cash crop:


This language was a combination of English and African languages created by the slaves


This food was a combination of many items and is still cooked today.

Hoppin' John

Singing, dancing, and storytelling was used for entertainment and to preserve their __________.


Slaves were not allowed to marry, own land, or __________.


Indentured servants worked mostly in the __________ and __________ (area of the Colonies)

North and South

Slavery did not take hold in the North because Puritans and Quakers thought slavery was __________.

morally wrong

Slavery began in which English colony


The indentured servants worked for someone for a certain amount of time in exchange for __________.

A voyage to America

Gullah is still spoken in which two states today?

Georgia and South Carolina

Which word(s) is/are still used today from the Gullah language?

yam, okra, banjo

Name the three continents that made up the Triangular Trade:

North America

Which items were exported from Europe to Africa?


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