25 terms

SAT 13

abstruse - adj
difficult to understand
assonance - noun
a repetition of vowel sounds
beguile - verb
to cheat or decieve, usually through charm; also, to amuse
consonance - noun
when the consonant stops
dissolution - noun
separation into parts; the process of dissolving
expurgate - verb
to remove offensive words, ideas, or symbols; censor
fulminate - verb
to explode, either with sound or anger
tirade - noun
a long and bitter speech; diatribe
immutable- adj
unable to change
impostor - noun
insolvent - adj
unable to pay bills; bankrupt
intrinsic - adj
located within the very nature of an object or person; inherent
jaundice - noun
yellow color; or, envy or resentment
mollify - verb
lessen anger; soothe; placate
nurture - verb
provide care and support; nourish; train or educate
onerous - adj
burdensome; oppressive
platitude - noun
dull, trite statement
rotund - adj
specious - adj
having a false of misleading appearance; only seeming to be true
sublime - adj
of very special quality; noble
torpid - adj
sluggish; dull; lacking enthusiasm
unprecedented - adj
the first of its kind
validate - verb
confirm; corroborate; support; sanction
sangfroid - noun
calmness; coolness of behavior; composure
versatile - adj
having many talents or uses