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5 Dimensions of Health

These cards will help you remember the 5 dimensions of health and their meaning
World Health Organisation defines health as....'a state of complete, physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'
Is about the Structure and function of the body: The body's capacity to carry out everyday activities and be free from illness. It includes fitness, weight, body shape and ability to recover from illness.
An individual's ability to recognise and express feelings adequately and approriately: It involves being able to develop good self-esteem and a positive self image. The ability to control emotions, maintain a realistic perspective on situations to hepl decrease stress levels and develop resilience.
It involves thinking processes (cognition) and learning and making healthy choices. An individuals intellectual capacity to develop skills and knowledge to enhance one's life to improve our decision-making ability. To make decisions that lead to good health.
The ability to make and maintain healthy relationships with other people. e.g. being able to relate to parents, friends, teachers in a way that your community finds acceptable. It also includes accepting social standards / norms of behaviour, for instance, waiting in queues, behaving appropriately at the cinema.
The need to establish a purpose in life: This can be expressed in many ways. It may involve having goals in life, believing in a higher being which helps guide life decisions. Prescribing to a particuler religion for guidance or finding a meaning behind why we are here.