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most important Southern crop in the 1840s and 1850s


On the eve of the Civil War, about _______ of white southern families owned at least one slave.


Nat Turner gained notoriety

Slave revolt

13-14-15 Amendments

13 abolishes slavery, 14 citizenship, 15 voting

Denmark Vessey

Charleston South Carolina, revolt

The most obvious change in the North in the decades before the Civil War was


Commonwealth v. Hunt, Massachusetts

Collective bargaining

The first railroad to begin operating in the United States was

Baltimore and Ohio

Cyrus Hall McCormick

Mechanical reaper

Between the mid-1840s and the mid-1850s, the American economy

Unprecedented growth, major growth, all-time high

Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel

Uncle tom's cabin

"Young America" & William Walker ______

The young American movement, invade Nicaragua to spread democracy

The Ostend Manifesto

America should take Cuba

most prominent spokesman of the "Young America" movement

Stephen Douglas

Stephen Douglas staunchly belief ----- slavery question in the territories of Kansas & Nebraska

Popular Sovereignty

The ________ party was most closely associated with Americanism or nativism


A major cause of the disorder in Kansas was the

People coming in from outside the territory, anti and pro slavery forces

In May 1856, ________ slaughtered five unarmed, pro-slavery settlers at Pottawatomie Creek in "bleeding Kansas."

John Brown

Senator ________ was beaten unconscious by a member of the House of Representatives after he gave his "The Crime Against Kansas" speech.


The Supreme Court ruled the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional in the ________ decision.

Dred Scott

The Lecompton constitution +President Buchanan +problems with ally

Breakdown between Buchanan and Stephen Douglas

Freeport Doctrine.

Popular sovereignty

John Brown's major goal in attacking Harper's Ferry was to

To get weapons from the federal depot

After secession began in 1860, the proposed constitutional amendment which would have guaranteed the future existence of slavery south of the old Missouri Compromise line was the

Crittenden Compromise

The first and only President of the Confederacy

Jefferson Davis

The first major battle of the Civil War on July 21, 1861 was a disaster for the Union

Bull run

After the Union was defeated at Bull Run, Lincoln chose ________ to command the Union forces.


Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, and Benjamin Wade were leaders of the

Radical Republicans

Members of the peace societies in the North were often called


The most notorious Peace Democrat was Ohio Congressman


The most vexing problem the Confederacy had during the Civil War was


The North came to the brink of war with ________, when that nation built powerful cruisers and ironclad "rams" for the Confederate Navy

Great Britain

The early confidence of both sides was shocked by the staggering casualties sustained in 1862 at


The Emancipation Proclamation

Answer is no single slave was freed, no one

In summer 1863, Lee launched his last assault into the North and was defeated in the battle of ________, which probably decided the fate of the Union.


Grant's victory at ________ led to Lincoln's giving him command of all troops west of the Appalachians.


After the South seceded, Congress passed several measures previously blocked by southern opposition, including the ________ Act.


The former Democrat placed on the Lincoln ticket to assure victory in 1864 was

Andrew Johnson

The Union general noted for believing in and carrying out the doctrine of total war was


In his second inaugural address, Lincoln

Healing our nation, getting everything back together

On April 9, 1865, Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S. Grant at

Appomattox Court House

President Lincoln's proposed plan for reconstructing the Union

10% plan, didn't want to punish the south

The measures restricting former slaves to working in farming and domestic service were the

Black codes

In April, 1866, for the first time in American history, a major piece of legislation became law over the veto of a president. It was the

Civil rights act

President Andrew Johnson-----tsk tsk

Impeach by Radical Republicans in congress (disobeyed tenure of office act)

As a result of black demands for economic independence and the shortage of capital, the South developed the agricultural system known as

Sharecropping, crop lien

Among the worst scandals of Grant's administration was the

Credit mobilier, whiskey ring

Compromise of 1877-------President

Rutherford B. Hayes

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