13 terms

APUSH chapter 23 part 2

jim fisk
worked with jay gould to devise a plot to raise the price of gold
jay cooke
started the panic of 1873 when his banking firm failed
rutherford b hayes
chosen republican to run in the election of 1876 against tilden
samuel tilden
chosen democrat to run in the election of 1876 against hayes
chester a arthur
the vice president to garfield, and he was a former stalwart
winfield s hancock
a Civil War general who appealed to the South due to his fair treatment of it during Reconstruction and a veteran who had been wounded at Gettysburg, and thus appealed to veterans. he was chosen by the democrats
benjamin harrison
won against cleveland and was the republicans choice for the election of 1888
thomas reed
speaker of the house who took control and intimidated the house to follow his will
james b weaver
the populist nominated for the presidential electionof 1892
tom watson
one leader of the populist party who felt that every black man had every right to vote
bland allison act
instructed the Treasury to buy and coin between $2 million and $4 million worth of silver bullion each month
but some Republican reformers, unable to stomach this, switched to the Democratic Party
sherman silver purchase act
was created by the administration of harrison in order to increase the amount of silver in circulation