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Philipp Spener

German Lutheran pastor


those who attended Spener's Bible studies

August Francke

young professor at University of Leipzig


German Baptists


United Brethren

Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf

opened his estate for Moravian settlement


the Lord's protection; Moravian settlement

Great Awakening

huge revival in America

Jonathon Edwards

pastor of Congregational church in Massachusetts; started the Great Awakening

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

famous sermon by Jonathon Edwards

George Whitefield

best-known Great Awakening evangelist

John Wesley

English evangelist who brought revival to England

Age of Reason

forms of rationalism, deism, and other philosophies made into an era

John Locke

most influential philosopher of the Age of Reason, founded empiricism


belief that experience is the only source of knowledge

David Hume

promoted skepticism


knowledge is uncertain

Charles Wesley

John Wesley's brother


group of Wesley followers in Oxford

Methodist Church

one of the largest Christian denominations

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