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Risk factors that you can do something about
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Anxiety gets in the way of taking part of daily activitiesAnxiety DisorderAnxiety disorder, when a person feels extreme fear for lifePhobiaADHDattention defecit disorder- most common in children= inattentiveSuicidal RED FLAGSFeeling hopeless Withdraw from friends Giving away valuablesA cold, flu and heart disease are considered what?Virus relatedHarassing Newcomers to a group in an abusive and humilating way (ex. AKA welcome)HazingPhysical force that is used to harm people or damage propertyViolenceUnwanted remark or behavior/touch with sexual contentSexual HarassmentScaring/ controlling another person by using threatsBullyingViolent act against someone just because they're a different race, religion, cultureHate crimeSexual act without consentSexual AbuseA sexual activity in which force or threat of force is usedsexual assaultCaretaker fails to provide basic needsNeglectRape by a person you've chosen to be with ( movie date)Date Rape3 effects of date rape drugsUnconsiousness Vulnerability Loss of inhibitionsRICE methodtreat injuries Rest Ice Compression ElevateCompplex carb. that provides little energy = no digestion (poop)FIBERFats = solid at room temp. come from animal foodsSaturated FatsFatty acids = liquid at room temp. veggie oils > oilTrans FatsScience and study of foods and bodys uses for foodsnutritionLack nutrientsNutrient DeficiencyGood source of energy?Fats and carbsMedicines used to relieve painAnalgesicsMedicines without prescriptionOver the counterhigh;y addictive poppy plant drugsopiatesmost widely used date rape drugRohypnolViral STD that > cervical cancerHPVList the 5 family types(Give Examples) Nuclear Blended Extended Single-Parent Foster