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1. Usually five-point Calvinist. (reformed)

2. Literal and figurative (spiritual) interpretation of Bible

3. 'Israel' = physical descendants of Jacob, or spiritual Israel

4. God always had only one people, the Church
- Gradually developed with a Covenant

5. Church began in OT - reached fulfillment in NT

6. Main purpose* in history is Christ - second Church
* God's main purpose is His own glory
* Christ included because He is the glory of God
* Church is culmination of God's saving purpose for ages

7. Covenant of Redemption was within Trinity to effect election

8. Conditional Covenant of Works with Adam as representative for his posterity

9. Covenant of Grace with Christ and His people, including Adam

10. No man saved by works, only grace. (Eph 2:8-10)

11. All ever saved only by faith in Christ as sin-bearer
- Progressively revealed in every age

12. OT believed in Gospel of Messiah as sin-bearer
- Mainly by the sacrifices as types and prophecies

13. Holy Spirit has indwelt believers in all ages
- Especially in NT era, will not be withdrawn

14. Believers all ages 'in Christ' and part of the Body/Bride

15. Law has 3 uses:
- Restrain sin in society
- Lead to Christ
- Instruct Christians in godliness

16. Laws:
- Ceremonial laws abolished
- Civil laws abolished (except for general equity)
- Moral laws continue
- OT laws in effect unless abrogated in the NT

17. The Church is the Kingdom of God

18. OT sacrifices were fulfilled and abolished in Christ.

19. Christ fulfilled Covenant to Abraham

20. Christ alone sits on the throne in heaven
- Saints rule under Him in Spirit.

21. Most embrace infant baptism, but Baptist don't