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1. the rotting flesh of a dead animal


1. to go away from someone or something 2. to leave without permission 3. a dry, sandy region with little or no plant life 4. empty of people; abandoned


1. easy to handle or train; tame; obedient


1. to force a person to move from rental property 2. the act or process of being forced to move


1. a ring of light appearing to surround of the sun or moon 2. a ring of light around the head of a saint, angel or around an idealized person or thing


1. growing thickly or abundantly 2. covered with thick, healthy growth


1. no longer in use; out-of-date


1. anything that is supposed to be a sign of something to come, good or evil


1. any of the benches with a back that are fixed in rows at a church


1. to hold oneself in a certain position for a long time for a picture 2. to pretend to be what one is not; to act 3. to introduce; to put forth; to present 4. a position held for an artist 5. a way of acting to fool others


1. right for the purpose; fitting; proper


1. long and boring; tiresome 2. boredom; monotony


1. coming at the right time or moment


1. a person who sells; a seller 2. a selling machine


1. a wooden frame the fits around the neck of a pair of oxen 2. a pair of oxen joined by a wooden frame 3. the condition of being under the control of others; slavery; servitude; bondage 4. a frame fitting over the shoulders, used for carrying pails 5. a piece of garment shaped to fit the shoulder or hip 6. the yellow inside of an unfertilized chicken egg 7. to put a yoke on, to fasten with a yoke 8. to join together

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