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  1. noun 1. A changing to fit new conditions 2. Something that is changed from something else
  2. noun The place or type of place where a plant or animal is normally found
  3. The way a person or animal moves on foot
  4. verb 1. To change to fit new conditions 2. To make changes in something to make it useful
  5. adjective 1 Projecting standing out 2 Very easy to see; easily noticed 3 Famous; well-known
  6. adjective 1 Severe; extreme 2 Thorough; complete

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  1. obliviousnoun A state of forgetting or being forgotten


  2. oblivionadjective Not aware of


  3. transportverb To carry or move from one place to another noun The act of carrying from one place to another


  4. rigornoun (often pl) 1 A condition that makes life difficult. 2 Strictness or severity


  5. quenchverb 1 To put out; to extinguish 2 To satisfy with a liquid


  6. glareverb 1. To shine with a strong harsh light 2 To stare angrily at 1 A strong, blinding light 2 An angry stare