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God's free gift of self-communication by which he makes known his divine plan
divine revelation
our response to divine revelation; the body of revealed truth in the Scriptures and tradition proposed by the Roman Catholic Church for the belief of the faithful
deposit of faith
teaching authority of the Church that Jesus gave the Apostles to interpret the divinely inspired scriptures (authentically interprets the word of God with the help of biblical scholars)
the official collection of inspired books of sacred Scripture that contain the witness and instruction for our faith
the first 5 books of the OT- Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers; consists of works from 4 different authors; the Torah
God is the author of the Bible; He used the human authors as his instruments to convey Divine Revelation to us; the end product- the inerrant word of God
The principal Latin version of the Bible, prepared mainly by St. Jerome in the late 4th century, and (as revised in 1592) adopted as the official text for the Roman Catholic Church.
the wisdom books
books that include poetry about religion and love, a collection of wise sayings; book of Job; how God works in our everyday lives
the prophetic books
include visions and sermons of a group of Jewish religious reformers
the historical books
an account of Jewish history from the conquest of Canaan to the kingdom of the Maccabees; when God took relationship with people- remained faithful to his people (Israelites)
languages of the bible: Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic: ?
-the Old Testament was written in Aramaic or Hebrew
-as a result of the Babylonian Exile, many Jews dispersed and were living in a world influenced by Greek culture and language
-the books were translated into Greek (Septuagint- translated by 70 scholars in 70 days)
translation of the bible: Septuagint and Vulgate
-a Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures
-was common during Jesus' day
-rejected by the Jews
-Jewish scholars omitted the seven books written in Greek from the Septuagint

VULGATE: Latin version of the bible
what is different in the Protestant Bible compared to the Christian bible?
the catholic bible includes 7 books and the PB includes additional books and there is more to that bible. The Deuterocanonical are the 7 books in the catholic bible. the apocryphal are the 7 books we have in the catholic bible, but are differently called by the protestant bible.
biblical interpretation: literary forms
literary forms:
-identifying the correct literary genre is vitally important in scriptural interpretation
-this helps to determine the literal sense of the biblical text
-ex. origin stories, short stories, Psalms
what is the relationship between scripture and tradition?
both sacred scripture and sacred tradition were given to Jesus who passed them on to the apostles--> magisterium-->dogmas
what are the truths about the creation stories?
1.) there is one God
2.) God planned creation
3.) God creates everything good
4.) Sabbath is a day of rest and worship
hardworking, all powerful, organized, awe-inspiring

1.) God molds humanity
2.) God is very intimate
3.) special bond through God and humanity
4.) man and woman are equal (made from the same thing-Adam's rib)
5.) relationships between man and woman should imitate God and man
loving, close to creation, takes pride in creation
the state of being before the fall of adam and eve when humans were completely united with each other and God during a time of harmony, no suffering or death and humanity wasn't ashamed of they're nakedness
original justice/holiness
adam and eve's personal sin that affected us today because we live in this fallen state.
-humanity declares its independence with God
-Ashamed of our nakedness
-Leaves us with a forever tendency to sin
original sin
humanity's ability to make a choice
free will
a promise of God that he will always love us and one day he will destroy evil through his resurrection(gives us hope for "eternal life", resurrection destroyed evil)
Protoevangelium ("New Adam")
-stories told to tell a truth or teach a truth
-they explain the state of humanity (not in a history book)

(Genesis chapters 1-11)
-the Fall
-Cain and Abel
-Tower of Babylon
the ancestors of the Israelites, particularly Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
-male leader of a family or tribe
a sacred agreement between God and his people
an appearance as chosen or manifestation of God (ex. burning bush)
-refers to when the Israelites were "passed over" by the angel of death as dictated by the tenth plague; a holiday celebrated by Jews as a day of deliverance

-God's angel of death struck down the first-born of the Egyptians, but passed over the homes of the Israelites. They were protected because, at God's command, they had placed the blood of a lamb on the doorposts of their homes and eaten a meal of the lamb's flesh
Sinai Covenant
-made covenant with complaining Israelites who want to get to the promised land
-reminder of God's love and mercy
-10 commandments are how WE'RE supposed to respond to God's love
-holds Ark of Covenant
-includes God's presence
-shows faithfulness
books of the bible: Pentateuch
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
who do you think the main characters are in Genesis and Exodus?
MAP: Can you tell the story of the patriarchs in Genesis and Exodus (Adam and Eve to Moses) using the map to assist you?
1.) born
2.) Moses died, Joshua became leader
-lead people to promised land
-couldn't get over wall of Jericho
-people wanted to go back to Egypt
-went to talk to God and God told him to march around Jericho for 7 days and the tower will collapse with a loud yell on the seventh
-the walls fell down and they made it to the promised land (obey God's commands, "torah")
-have to cross the Jordan River
-Han steals something
-goes to war with Ai
-admits to stealing (Israel wins)
6.) divided the land (getting older)
7.) 2 final speeches
8.) dies
a brave, charismatic, resourceful, military leader who was animated by the spirit of God (smaller scale than Joshua)
monarchy (pros and cons)
establishing a political and religious unit (they sought a king)
Ark of the Covenant
an ancient symbol of God's protection and presence; a portable throne in ancient times that included a seat that was believed to be occupied by God
Paganism (syncretism)
-supported the rule of the kings
-believed the Gods must be worshiped to keep the kings happy
-people worship Gods to keep kings happy
-defeated Egypt
-defeated Assyria
-(597 BC) defeated Jerusalem (appoints Zedekiah) to rule Judah (south)
-betrayed by Zedekiah
-(587 BC) kills Zedekiah, destroys Jerusalem and temple, exiled the people to Babylon
-Southern Kingdom
-2 tribes: Benjamin (Saul) and Judah (David and Solomon)
-capital: Jerusalem
-king: Rehoboam (son of Solomon)
-Northern Kingdom
-10 of 12 tribes
-capital: Samaria
-king: Jeroboam
-destroyed Northern Kingdom (North) (722 BC)
-Israelites deported
-make alliance with Judah
-conquered by Babylon (King Nebuchadnezzar)
Babylonian Exile
the period of history when the Babylonians forced most of the inhabitants of Judah to migrate to Babylon

-no Israelite kingdom
-no promised land
-still a chosen people
The Divided Kingdoms
divided Israel into 2 separate nations, Israel and Judah were ruled by a succession of kings
a story that describes a person's initial awareness
call narrativea
prophets earlier in history
former prophets
prophets after duetornomical history
latter prophets
prophets who have longer books
major prophets
prophets who have shorter books
minor prophets
roles of a prophet
- to call people back to god
- taught of the true god / repentance
- encourages to follow by example of him
- spiritual leader
- concerned for the poor
marks of the prophets
- messengers of God: Call from God- received a special God that caused them to leave previous ways in order to live as a prophet

- social revoltionaries; often spoke unpopular message, called to people to repent/change their ways

- Inherit the roles of Moses;Moses as law-giver, prophet as a law protector

- spiritual warriors;always speaking out for social concern and the poor, social justice
a special kind of messenger from God
-the Hebrew word for prophet "Nabi" was connected first with Moses
-prophets are mentioned throughout Deuteronomic History
what is NOT a truth of the Creations stories?
God wanted an intimate relationship with man
original sin refers to:
when we (man and woman) chose evil over God
the tendency to sin that is an effect of original sin that we all live with
Cain kills Abel out of jealousy, true or false:
the building of the tower of Babel was considered a sin because...
it wasn't built to please God
God blesses Abraham by saying he will:
bless him with many descendants and a land of his own
God's covenant with Abraham is:
evidenced through his name changing as well as circumcision
Jacob is an important figure in Israel's history because:
God chose him to become 'Israel' -the great nation of 12 tribes
because Noah was faithful to God:
God believed in humanity again, God promised to never send another flood to ruin the human race, and God placed a rainbow in the sky to symbolize his love for man
God works through Joseph to:
use his gifts to help others
Muslims believe that they are the descendants of __________________, and therefore children of Abraham
in the story of Jacob and Esau:
forgiveness is the main message, and Esau forgives Jacob
which of the Patriarchs do we refer to as a Model of Faith?
what do we learn from the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph?
God wants a relationship with his people, and God wants his people to be faithful and trusting
we begin in the town of __________________, where God calls Abraham
in addition to promising him land and a nation of all his own, God promising him __________________
although she was thought to be barren, Abraham's wife Sarah, soon bears a son and names him __________________
...Abraham's journey's west to a land flowing with milk and honey. Here his grandson, ___________________, settles with his wives and children
After a strange encounter with an angel, his name is changed to ____________________
Of Israel's twelves sons, ________________ is sold into slavery by his brothers
Joseph settles in _________________ and gains the trust of the Pharaoh and God uses him to save his brothers' lives
Patriarch family tree
1.) ABRAHAM & ISHMAEL (Hagar's son, conflict)
3.) ISAAC - Rebekah
4.) Esau and Jacob (Israel) (conflict)
5.) Jacob - Leah (10 children) & Rachel (2 children, Benjamin, & Joseph)
a class of people living in the countryside of Canaan, some of whom were former slaves; they may have been ancestors of the Hebrews
persons who have a close relationship with God and communicate a divine message
a collection of Jewish oral law and commentary; a guide for conduct in particular circumstances
refers to when the Israelites were saved from the angel of death as dictated by the tenth plague
one of twelve charismatic military leaders of the Israelites during the period between the conquest of Canaan and the establishment of the monarchy who was animated by the spirit of God
ordained Jewish teachers and spiritual leaders
peoples enslaved in Egypt who eventually became the community known as Israel
false worship; honoring and revering a creation in place of God
ancient custom of completely destroying everything in a defeated city
term originally used to describe the people who resettled in the area of Judah following the Babylonian Exile
Moses was...
a hebrew, a poor speaker, and called by God to lead the Israelites out of slavery
it was in the exodus that God...?
saved the Israelites and formed them as his people through the covenant
the wandering in the wilderness reveals this theme:
God provides for his people even when they complain and grumble
the Ten Commandments are:
ways that allow us to love God back, guidelines that show we have a strong relationship with God as well as purpose, and means by which we can strengthen our covenant with God
Moses entered the Promised Land: true or false?
which of the following people was not one of the Judges?
which of the following is not an attribute of a Judge?
one who rules from afar, like a king
who was Moses' successor?
it was Joshua's strength that brought down the walls of Jericho: true or false?
which of the following was not a challenge for the Israelites in the desert?
God's promise to Israel was, "If they remain faithful to Him, He will..."
fight for them
the judges were never tempted to practice the faith of the pagans: true or false?
before Joshua died who did he appoint to lead the people?
the blending of the Israelites religion with that of the Canaanites is known as:
this book contains cultic laws written by the priests during and after the return from the Exile
this book contains the social organization of Israel based on the twelve tribes and follows the Israelites journey from Mount Sinai to the Promised Land
this book means "second law"
this book recounts the story of the enslaved Israelites, their deliverance, and their covenant with God
it was the Israelites food customs that set them apart from the other people in the Near Eastern world: true or false?
Moses is an epic hero and his story can be found in all of the Pentateuch: true or false?
false (Deuteronomy)
in order to convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, Moses warns him with:
The Plagues
God parts the Red Sea for Moses and the ______________________ for Joshua
Jordan River
the Israelites had a code of war: true or false?
after entering the Promised Land, through their obedience to God's word, the Israelites conquered
the Judges were only men: true or false?
Order of events
1.) the Call of Moses
2.) the 10 Plagues and the Passover
3.) the Crossing of the Red Sea
4.) the Wandering in the Desert and the Reception of the Law at Mount Sinai
5.) arrival in the Promised Land
Cycle of faithfulness (apostasy)
-chosen people
how were David and Saul related?
they were not related
how were David and Solomon related?
David was Solomon's father
who was Bathsheba and David's son?
King Solomon was responsible for:
building the Temple in Jerusalem
Yahweh considered the request for a King (from the Israelites) a...
a rejection of His kingship over the people
the Israelites wanted kings because...
they wanted to be like other nations and have a king to lead them in battles to victory
what is a true statement regarding the time period of the monarchy...
SOME positive outcomes resulted such as: Israel became a nation with a strong central leadership, a holy city was established in Jerusalem, and a holy Davidic line was established
the Israelites had to learn that they were created to have _____________________ as their king forever
king or deliverer expected by the Jews
this person anointed the first king of Israel, even though he believed Israel should remain a monarch
which of the following is NOT true about Samuel
he was appointed the first king
"I was the very first king of Israel- Samuel anointed me."
"I began leading Israel faithfully, but became jealous at the skills of a young up-coming leader... I eventually tried to kill him to secure my throne."
"I was successful in creating the great Temple in Jerusalem."
"I was known as an imperfect king --sinning against Yahweh -- however, Yahweh continued to have mercy on me and made my name great --the messiah would be a descendant of mine."
King's Reigns in Chronological Order
1.) Saul
2.) David
3.) Solomon
who is known as the first prophet?
which of the following is not usually a part of the Call Narrative?
the person agrees
Solomon was the king when the Kingdom split: true or false?
King Jeroboam was the king Israel: true or false?
Judah was taken over by...
the Babylonians
which Kingdom was home to the Temple that Solomon built?
King Nebuchadnezzar defeated
Assyrians and Judah
Solomon's son was the king of which Kingdom?
what was the primary problem that Elijah had to fight in Israel?
blending of religions
what was Amos' main message to the Northern Kingdom of Israel?
reform your sinful ways and care for the poor and vulnerable
the allegorical story of Hosea's marriage to Gomer symbolizes...
that the Israelites are unfaithful to Yahweh, God's love is like that of a husband and wife, and God ultimately forgives
which of the following best defines a prophet?
one called by God to lead the people away from sin, one who teaches Yahweh is the one true God, and someone who teaches by example
which of the following was not a concern to the prophets?
proper way to pray in the Temple
how does the prophet inherit the role of Moses?
they are the protector of the law
how are Israel, the Assyrians and Babylonians related?
-in 722 they invade and destroy northern Israel
-Israel is deported
-the Assyrians make an alliance with Judah
-Assyrians are conquered by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon
explanation for critical interpretation of a passage of Sacred Scripture
the Magisterium is the only way to officially interpret the Bible; we can interpret the Bible through the help of the Holy Spirit.
what are the truths of the creation stories?
. Only one God
2. God planned creation
3. God creates everything good
4. Sabbath is for rest and worship
genesis 1 order
1. Made light from darkness
2. Sky
3. Land
4. Seas
5. Vegetation
6. Stars
7. Marine animals
8. Human
genesis 2 order
1. Made light from darkness
2. Sky
3. Land
4. Seas
5. Vegetation
6. Stars
7. Marine animals
8. Humans
who was the speaker(s) in genesis 1?
what was the speaker(s) in genesis 2?
god and adam
purpose of genesis 1 is...
to be fruitful and increase the number, fill the earth and subdue it
purpose of genesis 2 is...
To take care of the Garden. To enjoy
what happens at the end of genesis 1?
At the end, God looked at what he made and it was very good
what happens at the end of genesis 2?
God made a woman. Both were naked and they felt no shame
what are the truths of the first creation story?
1. Only one God
2. God planned creation
3. God creates everything good
4. Sabbath is for rest and worship
what are the truths of the second creation story?
1. God molds humanity
2. God is intimate
3. Man and women are equal
4. Relationship between man and women should imitate God and man
order of patriarchs
order of events
the split of the kingdom
defeat of israel
defeat of judah
the exile
books in order
1). Genesis
2). Exodus
3). Leviticus
4). Numbers
5). Deuteronomy
jesus is...
the new covenant and the "new adam"
what are the covenants?
covenant with noah
covenant with abraham
covenant with moses, the sinai covenant
kings and prophets
wisdom literature
story of jesus
map of patriarchs
what is the messenger formula?
"thus says the lord"
what were the roles of the judges?
- solver of political disputes
- reminder to turn to god
- military leaders
what are the 3 Abrahamic religions?
- christianity (jesus is the messiah)
- judaism (isaac)
- islam (ishmael)
who was the sign of the covenant?
why do abraham and sarah go from Ur to Cannaan (the promised land)?
God told them to
what are the pre-history stories?
the fall
cain and abel
tower of baylon