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A membrane bound structure that is the basic unit of life

Cell Membrane

The lipid bilayer that forms the outer boundary of the cell

Cell Theory

This says that all living things are made of cells, that cells are the basic unit of structure and function and that cells only come from other cells.

Cell wall

A rigid structure that surrounds the cells of plants and most bacteria


A plastid containing chlorophyll, the site of photosynthesis


The region of the cell between the cell membrane and the nucleus


A network of long protein strands in the cytosol that helps support the cell


A cell that contains a nucleus and membrane bound organelles

Golgi apparatus

A system of membranes that modifies and packages proteins for export by the cell


An organelle containing digestive enzymes


Powerhouse of the cell, organelle that is the site of ATP (energy) production

Nuclear envelope

A double membrane that surrounds the nucleus in the cell


The organelle where ribosomes are made, synthesized and partially assembled, located in the nucleus


The organelle that contains the DNA and controls the processes of the cell


One of several bodies with a specialized function that is suspended in the cytosol of the cell


several types of body tissues that together form a function

organ system

A group of organs that interact to perform a set of related tasks


A unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus and membrane bound organelles


An organelle that functions in the synthesis of proteins


a group of similar cells that carry out a similar function


A fluid filled organelle that stores enzymes or water


A membrane bound sac that contains materials involved in transport of the cell.

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