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  1. North Carolina
  2. Fall line
  3. Irrigation
  4. Canal
  5. Transportation
  1. a Located in the Northern and Western Hemispheres
  2. b Moving of people or things
  3. c Where a river drops from higher to lower ground
  4. d A waterway dug across land
  5. e Way for farmers to water crops

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  1. Run east and west
  2. Something from nature that people can use
  3. A place's exact location
  4. Human feature that makes power
  5. Used to determine relative location

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  1. BorderHuman feature that makes power


  2. Three regions of NCMountain, piedmont, coastal plain


  3. relative locationTells what a place is near


  4. ReservoirA line that shows where a country or state ends


  5. Fresh waterlakes, ponds, rivers, and sreams