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  1. Absolute location
  2. Fresh water
  3. Clothing
  4. Latitude and Longitude
  5. Coastal Plain
  1. a Provide absolute location
  2. b Flat land with a few hills
  3. c lakes, ponds, rivers, and sreams
  4. d A place's exact location
  5. e One way people adapt to their environment

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  1. Used to determine relative location
  2. Located in the Northern and Western Hemispheres
  3. Moving of people or things
  4. Mountain, piedmont, coastal plain
  5. Run east and west

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  1. CanalHuman feature that makes power


  2. IrrigationMoving of people or things


  3. Area near equatorlakes, ponds, rivers, and sreams


  4. OceansCover more than half of the Earth's surface


  5. BorderHuman feature that makes power