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  1. Oceans
  2. Area near equator
  3. relative location
  4. Latitude and Longitude
  5. Lines of latitude
  1. a Cover more than half of the Earth's surface
  2. b Hotter and wetter
  3. c Provide absolute location
  4. d Run east and west
  5. e Tells what a place is near

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  1. Flat land with a few hills
  2. Shows the borders between states
  3. A place's exact location
  4. Way for farmers to water crops
  5. lakes, ponds, rivers, and sreams

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  1. Hydroelectric powermade by water from a dam that turns machines


  2. DamA waterway dug across land


  3. Three regions of NCMountain, piedmont, coastal plain


  4. ReservoirHuman made lake


  5. BorderA line that shows where a country or state ends