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word that means the oppostie of another word


other words in a sentence or passage which help you figure out the meaning


the way people in a particular area or place speak EX: y'all instead of you


language or special terminology used by a particular group of people, often related to their work EX: medical terms used by people working in medical field


form of writing EX: poem, short story


having the precise, stated meaning of a word


not having the exact, stated meaning of a word EX: He is driving me up a wall.


a syllable (or several syllables) at the beginning of a word which changes its meaning


the word base


to review a passage quickly looking for key information


to read quickly for the main idea of a passage

specialized vocabulary

terms which refer to a certain content area


a plan


a syllable (or several syllables) at the end of a word which changes its meaning or part of speech


A word having the asmae meaning, or nearly the same meaning, as another word

abstract term

an expression which is hard to understand because it cannot be defined


developing a character in a story by describing appearance, revealing thoughts, or letting the character speak


a decision you reach based upon what you have read and learned

concrete terms

expressions which have exact, precise meanings EX: a 76-story building, half past midnight


suggested meaning of an expression EX: a well-worn armchair could be comfort


the direct, specific meaning of an expression EX: well-worn armchair is simply a shabby piece of furniture


broad overall statement concerning a particular topic


an educated guess based on the clues the author has planted


facts, data; the things you need to know

key idea

the idea that the author is chiefly interested in supporting

loaded words

words which are meant to appeal to your emotions, or carry with them multiple meanings that are meant to influence your opinion EX: cigarettes "cancer sticks"

main idea

the most important idea that is supported by the rest of the paragraph or passage


main events in a story; what happened to whom and in what order

point of view

perspective from which the story is presented


an assumption you make about what will logically happen next


time and place of action in a story


the big idea of a story which connects the character, setting, and plot


reference to something else EX: A character might say she was ready to build an Ark after the rain.


a logical series of statements leading from a premise to a conclusion

author's purpose

the intentional message a writer wants to convey to readers; why the author is writing this


persuasion which claims that something is attracting growing support EX: "Everybody's doing it"


the problem a character in a story faces


small,but important, bits of information

emotional appeal

persuasion aimed at your feelings

ethical appeal

persuasion aimed at your sense of wanting to do what is right, fair, or honest

expert opinion

persuasion which includes the words of someone who is considered to be an authority on the subject


something that is true

informative passage

an excerpt which is written to provide facts, data, and things you need to know

logical appeal

a persuasive attempt aimed at your ability to reason and make judgment


the reasons that people or characters act as they do


a belief, which may or may not be based on fact

personal attack

persuasive technique which aims its attack at an individual's private life

persuasive passage

an excerpt which is written to convince or change the reader's mind


information designed to promote a cause or spread an idea, and usually to damage the opposing side


saying something over and over in an attempt to persuade

rhetorical question

a stated question that is not really intended to be answered but is asked to make a point


a persuasive statement in which you explain the benefits you have received


relating the text to your own life experiences


connecting common themes between texts


relating the text to real world issues

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