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Least busy time

When delivering food to an establishment, what is the proper time to deliver?


When receiving food, you should ALWAYS do what with the food?

Key drop delivery

Some foodservice operations receive food after-hours when they are closed for business. This is often referred to as what?

Food contamination is confirmed or suspected

When a food item has been "recalled" what does this indicate?

The thickest part

When receiving meat, poultry, or fish, you should insert the thermometer stem or probe into what?

Reduced Oxygen Packaging

What does ROP mean?

Insert thermometer stem between two packages

How do you check the temperature of ROP or bulk foods?

41 degrees or lower

At what temperature can Cold TCS Food be received?

135 or higher

At what temperature can Hot TCS Food be received?


How should frozen food be when it is received?

Airt temp of 45 degrees

Live Shellfish can have an air temperature of what when received?

50 degrees

Live Shellfish can have no greater than what internal temperature when received?

4 hours

Once received, live shellfish should be cooled to an internal temperature of 41 degrees or lower in how many hours?

45 degrees or lower

At what temperature can Shucked Shellfish be received at?

45 degrees or lower

At what temperature should Milk be received at?

Air temp of 45 or lower

At what air temperature should shell eggs be received at?

Bloated or leaking

All food packaged in a reduced-oxygen environment, such as vacuum-packed meat, must be rejected if the packaging is what?

Evidence of thawing and refreezing, & time temp abused

What does it mean when there are large ice crystals or frozen liquids on the packaging of food?

Shellstock identification tags

All shellfish must be received with what kind of documentation?

90 days

Shellstock identification tags must be kept on file for how many days from the date the last shellfish was used from its delivery container?

USDA or State Department of Agriculture

Meat must be purchased from plants inspected by whom?


Liquid, frozen, and dehydrated eggs must have what inspection mark?

Mild ocean or seaweed smell

When receiving Live Crustaceans, how should they smell?

No odor

When receiving shell eggs, should they have an odor?

Insert a thermometer probe into the thickest part of the fish

What is the best method of checking the temperature of a delivery of fresh fish?

41 or lower

What is the correct temperature of receiving cold TCS food?

It is cooled to 41 degrees or lower in 4 hours

Milk can be received at 45 degrees under what condition?

Time-temperature abuse

Frozen shrimp is rejected during receiving for having large ice crystals on the food and packaging. What is the problem that caused this?

It must be correctly frozen before you receive it

What is required when receiving fish that will be served raw or partially cooked?

Remove the item from inventory, and place it in a secure location

What should be done with an item that has been recalled?


Cleaning the surfaces of some cans of tomato sauce so that they can be accepted is an example of what?

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