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  1. 26. the longest part of the GI tract is the A small intestine B large intestine C esophagus D stomach
  2. 18. what connects muscle to bone? A. fascia B. tendons C cartilage D ligaments
  3. 21. nerves and blood supply are located in which layer of the skin? A dermis B epidermis C hypodermis D hyperdermis
  4. 35 it is important for the cs/spd tech to learn anatomy and physiology in order to A diagnose illness B know more then their co-workers D be aware of the effects of microorganisms
  5. 11. The skull, hyoid, vertebrae column, and thoracic cage are part of the A. pelvic girdle B. pectoral girdle C. axial skeleton D. appendicular skeleton
  1. a C. axial skeleton
  2. b B tendons
  3. c C recognize where instruments are used
  4. d A small intestine
  5. e A dermis

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  1. B cerebrum
  2. C carbon dioxide
  3. D esophgus
  4. C. lower limbs
  5. A skin

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  1. 2. Which branch of science refers to the function of specific body parts? A. Biology B. Anatomy C. Physiology D. MicrobiologyB. Anatomy


  2. 5. The nucleus is the cell's A. brain B. protein C. skeleton D. membraneA. brain


  3. 3. The smallest and most numerous structural units possessing the basic characteristics of life are called. A. cells B. tissues C. organs D. systemsD. middle ear


  4. 8. Red blood cells develop in which part of the body? A. heart B. spleen C. gall bladder D. bone marrowA. nucleus


  5. 17. smooth muscle cells lack A. peristalsis B. striations C. motive power D. involuntary controlA. brain