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  1. 10. Which of the following supports the tongue and the functions in swallowing? A. skull B. vertebrae C. hyoid bone D. thoracic cage
  2. 15. the femur, tibia, and fibula are bones of the A. upper limbs B. pelvic girdle C. lower limbs D. pectoral girdle
  3. 31 which of the following is a function of the autonomic nervous system? A sensation B heart rate C mental functions D skeletal contractions
  4. 5. The nucleus is the cell's A. brain B. protein C. skeleton D. membrane
  5. 32 where is the tympanic membrane located? A ear B eye C nose D throat
  1. a C. lower limbs
  2. b A the ear
  3. c A. brain
  4. d C. hyoid bone
  5. e B heart rate

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  1. C respiratory
  2. C male reproductive system
  3. A white blood cells
  4. D muscles
  5. C. Physiology

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  1. 17. smooth muscle cells lack A. peristalsis B. striations C. motive power D. involuntary controlB. striations


  2. 25. which of the following transports food to the stomach? A tongue B larnyx C pharnyx D esophagusA skin


  3. 13. which of the following bones can be found in the axial skeleton? A. tibia B. radius C. femur D. sternumB. humerus


  4. 26. the longest part of the GI tract is the A small intestine B large intestine C esophagus D stomachA liver


  5. 6. DNA is found in which part of the cell? A. nucleus B. cell wall C. cytoplasm D. cell membraneA. nucleus