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  1. 24.pH is regulated through which system in the body? A integumentary B circulatory C respiratory D digestive
  2. 16. The humerus, radius, and ulna are bones of the A. upper limbs B. pelvic girdle C. lower limbs D. pectoral girdle
  3. 5. The nucleus is the cell's A. brain B. protein C. skeleton D. membrane
  4. 34 the seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands are part of the A sensory B endocrine C male reproductive D female reproductive system
  5. 11. The skull, hyoid, vertebrae column, and thoracic cage are part of the A. pelvic girdle B. pectoral girdle C. axial skeleton D. appendicular skeleton
  1. a A. brain
  2. b A. upper limbs
  3. c C. axial skeleton
  4. d C respiratory
  5. e C male reproductive system

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  1. C recognize where instruments are used
  2. D esophgus
  3. C. 1/2
  4. B cerebrum
  5. B heart rate

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  1. 27. which organ produces and secrets bile? A liver B gallbladder C large intestine D small intestineA small intestine


  2. 21. nerves and blood supply are located in which layer of the skin? A dermis B epidermis C hypodermis D hyperdermisD. bone marrow


  3. 18. what connects muscle to bone? A. fascia B. tendons C cartilage D ligamentsB tendons


  4. 1. Which branch of science refers to the form and organization of body parts? A. Biology B. Anatomy C. Physiology D. MicrobiologyC. Physiology


  5. 22. which of the following are responsible for providing immunity? A white blood cells B red blood cells C hormones D plateletsA white blood cells