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purpose for first homemaker service agency

provide child care


created when people complained of poor care; sets standards for federally funded nursing homes and home health agencies


Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

Nurse Aide Registry

when person complete's training program and competency test; inorder to stay on must work a mininmum # of hrs in field for 2 yrs and have 12 hrs of continuing education

Background Info Disclosure Form

show no evidence of caregiver abuse after age of 18

Skilled long-term care facility

residential home for people who need 24-hr skilled care


service provided in the home for terminally ill people who have wishes to die in their own homes


keep client company and maintain safety


do household duties; laudry and cooking and cleaning

personal care worker

help with minimal level of ADLs

home health aide

help with personal care and health assistance like rehabiliation and medication administrations

homemake/home health aide

help with general household tasks and health aide tasks

Home care aide

assists client with independent living under supervision

case manager (CM)

assess overall needs of clients and decides what service should be provided

health care provider

an agency' institution, or health care team member that provide medical care to person

enterostomal therapist (RN, ET)

works with clients who have ostomies or require skin/wound care

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

give direct care to client ; treatments and medications

nurse practitioner (NP)

specialized in physical examinations and assessments; can owrk with childre, infants, pregnancies, eldery, and cancerous patients

occupational therapist (OT)

evaluate client ability to perform certain skills needed for independent daily living and develops plan to be assissted by family or hha

physical therapist (PT)

evaluate home environment for clients return; assists with safety and instructs exercise program equipment usage

registered dietitian (RD)

gives info on client dietary needs and assist with meal planning

Registered nurse (RN)

initiates plan of care ordered by health care provider, performs assessments, planning and interventions

Respiratory therapist (RPT)

Assists client with any breathing problems and works with client with breathing equipment and checks equipment

Social worker (BSW, MSW)

provide community service, financial, long-term care, and respite care info; helps emotionally, socially, and financially

Speech therapist

assesses clients ability to communicate, works to imrpove abilities, works with and to improve swallowing difficulties


Diagnosis-related Group


classiefies patients accordign to their medical diagnosis for the purpose of paying for hospital and home health care cost


Prospective Payment System


implemented in home care; influence how home care agencies are paid


Outcome and Assessment Info Set


to standardize assessment data collection throughout the country and improve home health care quality


anyone who has paid social security is allowed to apply; aged changed from 65-68; Medicare A is hospital insurance and has no charge; Medicare B is helps with diagnostic tests, medical equipment, and diabetic supplies


Hospice medicare benefits


available to anyone with Med A and less than 6 months to live

Medical reimbursement

must be confined to bed, under dr care who certifies need for care, in need for skilled nursign care physical/ speech therapy, recieve services from Medicare-cerifide agency


federally and state funded program that pays for health care services for people who have income below certain amount


Health Maintanence Organization


attempts to cut costs by providing gatekeepers to control access and use of forms of care such as hospitals

Respite care

takign care of client while family or friend takes a break

Aiding and abetting

not reporting dishonest acts that one observed


stating untrue statements about a person, which would injure this persons reputation


false written statement about another statement


making a false oral statement about another person

interpersonal relationships

feeling and understanding that result from interaction between 2 or more persons


investigates and mediates problems regarding complaints


word/phrase people use often for a lot of different situations; "tomorrow's another day"


make feel like its not important`


herpes zoster; later stage of cancer; painful itching rash


multiply rapidly; can live for a long time and multiply in air and water


tiny one celled microorganisms; can live for long time and multiply in air and water


can live only by feeding on living cells; most are capable of causing infection; cause flu, cold, HIV, and hepatitis


yeast and molds; live normally in the body, can cause disease under certain conditions such athletes foot, ringworm or thrush


can cause disease; live on lice, ticks, flees, mites, and other insects

hepatitis A

enters through mouth, leave through feces; spread through direct contact, contaminated food and water

Hepatitis B

enter though blood and sexual contact; leave body through blood; can be spread though transfusions, contaminated needles, or sexual contact

Hepatitis C

enter through blood contact, leave body though blood and can be spread by sharing needles, shooting drugs or from infected mother to baby


enter body through mouth to lungs, leaves through sputum/nasal discharge; transferred direct contact, things sickly touches, and hands


enter though mouth/nose to the lungs; exits and transferred same as pneumonia


enter through mouth to lungs exit by sputum or droplets in air; transferred through kissing coughing sputum, soiled dressing, and hands


German measles; enter through mouth/nose; exit though nasal/throat discharges; transferred through air or placenta


enter through mucous membrane or sex; exit through body discharges or lesions; transferred through sex and birth canal


enter through sex, blood, tissues, and skin breaks; exit through infected tissue, lesions, placenta to fetus; transferred by direct contact, kissing, and sexual intercourse


enter through sex, mucous membrane, blood, any discharge containing blood, exit by placenta, transfusion, body discharges, blood; transferred through sex, needles, syringes, and placenta


centers for disease control and prevention; guidelines for working wit clients with infectious diseases


occupational safety and health administration; guidelines for working wit clients with infectious diseases

incident report

how accident happened; where it happened; details about injury/accident; if there were witnesses; and date/time it happened


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

transmission based precautions

used when pathogen is highly contagious; can be airborne. droplet, and contact

Kaposi's sarcoma

rare form of skin cancer; comes at later stage of HIV


home test to determine if you have a virus


Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy


most effective HIV drug




normal temperature


respiration's that sound like snoring


abnormal shortening of muscles; should use ROM

comatose patient

mouth care every 2 hrs; wipe eyes clean in am and pm; reposition every 2 hrs; ROM exercise as order; body massage daily; drain bowel and bladder every 2 hrs; open windows daily; TLC

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