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Health Promotion of the Infant, Child, and Adolescent/Basic Pediatric Nursing care

Chapters 29 & 30
Anticipatory guidance
Psychological preparation of a person for an event expected to be stessful, as in the preparation of a child for surgury by explaining what will happpen and what will it fell like. It also used 2 prepare parents for normal growth and development of their kids.
An often fatal form of food poisoning caused by an endotoxin produced by the bacillus Clostridium botulinium.
Nursing bottle caries
Tooth decay that is the result of prolonged nursing after the infant has been put to bed (when milk, juice, or other fluid is allowed to bathe the teeth)
Anterior Fontanelle
A space, roughly diamond shaped, covered by tough membranes between the bones of an infant's cranium; the posterior fontanelle is triangular.
Anticipatory guidance
Psychological preparation of a patient for an event expected to e stressful, as you do when preparing a child for surgery by explaining what will happen and what ie will feel like; also used to prepare parents for abnormal growth and development of their children.
Birth deficits (congenital abnormalities)
Any abnormality present at birth, particularly a structural one, that is possible to inherit genetically, aquire during gestation, or acquire during the parturition (process of giving birth) are diagnosed in the newborn period.
Body Surface Area (BSA)
Total area exposed to the outside environment.
Children with Special Needs
Includes infants and children with congenital abnormalities, malignancies, gastrointestinal (GI) diseases, and central nervous system (CNS) anomalies.
Cognitive Impairment
The preferred term for mental retardation.
En face position
Position in which the adult's face and the infant's face are approximately 8 inches apart and on the same plane, as when the mother holds the infant up in front of her face or when she nurses the infant.
Family-centered Care
A philosophy of care that recognizes the family as the constant in the child's life and holds that systems and personnel are called on to support, respect, encourage, and enhance the strengths and competence of the family.
An illness or an abnormal condition or quality.
The condition of being subject to death.
Primary (deciduous) teeth
Baby teeth; the set of 20 teeth that normally appear during infancy.
Vastus Lateralis Muscle
The largest of four muscles of the quadriceps femoris, situated on the lateral side of the thigh.
Gradually eliminating breastfeeding or bottle feeding and instituting cup and table feedings.