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Archeology: Origin and Spread of Modern Humans

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1) Increasingly specialized stone tool technology
- emphasis on Blade Technology
2) More complex organic industry
- e.g., bone projectile points.
- e.g., bone needles - to make tailored clothing
- after 20 KYA - spear-throwers
3) More frequent composite tools
- increased use of hafting
4) More complex settlement patterns
- each region saw a specialized pattern based on available resources, including mainly large
mammals, but also fish, plant foods, and other resources
- probably had home bases occupied for long periods, and temporary special purpose camps
throughout territory
- this differs from earlier hominins who moved more often and whose sites did not differ from
one another as much
- these factors would have led to increased sedentism (living for extended periods in a single
5) More complex dwellings
- evidence for dwellings becomes much more common
- tents, sod houses, complex bone structures
6) Ever higher population densities
- more sites, larger sites
- people are settling into new lands, understanding resources
7) More regular social gatherings
- indicated by large sites with ceremonial structures, eg. caves with paintings
- largest sites may be seasonal aggregation points where large numbers of people get together
briefly to take advantage of dense seasonal resources
8) More stylistic variation over time and space
- stone tools, bone tools, etc.
- possibly represents social boundaries - different groups each have identity
- styles change over time - different from Mousterian which is conservative
9) Shift towards hunting herd animals
- requires cooperation, planning
10) Much more personal adornment
- communicate status, social identity
- clothing, beads, decorated tools
11) Long distance trade
- sea shells, amber, high quality lithics
12) "Art"
13) Indications of ritual
- e.g., definite burials with grave goods
14) Expansion of our species to most of planet
- South and East Asia by 60 KYA
- Australia by 50 KYA
- Americas by 15 KYA