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Night By Elie Wiesel - Characters


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Akiba Drumer
intensely faithful; sings religious songs; loses faith and gives up during selection
foreman who forces Elie to give up a gold tooth crown
relative of the Wiesel's; Elie lies to him about his family being alive
Elie's little sister who is killed in the Holocaust
a violinist from Poland who complains about not being allowed to play German music
the French Girl
passes for Aryan; works at warehouse with Elie and shows him kindness
the Kapo in charge of the warehouse workers; whips Elie for spying on him
the pipel
a little boy who is tortured and hanged for helping rebel prisoners blow up a Nazi power plant
Meir Katz
lost his son and gives up; stays in train to die
Madame Schacter
woman in the cattle wagon who keeps screaming "Fire!"
Elie's father
an unemotional man until he is sent to Auschwitz with his son
Rabbi Eliahou
Rabbi whose son abandons him during the long march
Maria, the Wiesel's maid
offered to hide the Wiesel family
Moishe the Beadle
extremely devout but poor man who tutors Elie in Kabbalah before he is deported