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Economies of scalegets more or less efficient as size or volume increasesEntrepreneurbusinessman or businesswomanExurbiaprosperous residential area beyond the suburbs of a cityFavelasBrazilian slumsGreen Agendapromoting environmental sustainabilityGreen Spaceprotected natural and ecological resourceGreenfieldurban planning term for land which has never been developedHabitat Fragmentationreduction of total area of the habitat, decrease of the interior edge ration, isolation from other areas of the habitat, decrease in average size of each patch of a habitat into smaller patchesHard Infrastructurephysical assets such as roads, power, and water systemsHunter-gatherersthose who hunt game and forage (collect plant foods) rather than grow cropsHypercitiescities with populations over 20 million; also called metacitiesInformal Housingmakeshift housing occupied by squattersInformation and Communication Technology (ICT)internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediumsSoft Infrastructureinstitutions such as banks, emergency services, government, health care systems, law enforcement, schools, etc.Megacitiescities with populations over 10 millionMegaregiona large network of metropolitan regions which share all or several of the following: environmental systems and topography, infrastructure, economic linkages, land use patterns, culture and historyMetacitiescities with populations over 20 million; also called hypercitiesMixed-Usearea zoned for commercial and residential useNew Urbanisman urban design movement which promotes walkable neighborhoods that contain a range of housing and job typesNon-point Source Pollutionpollution discharged over a wide area rather than one specific locationParadox of Intensificationhigher density cities can improve the global environment at the expense of worsened local conditionsRural Migrationshift of population to urban areasShantytownmakeshift housing occupied by squatters; also called informal housingSlumsrun-down area of a city characterized by substandard housing and squalorSqualorfilthiness and degradation from neglect or povertySquattersresidents without legal title to the land on which they liveSubsistence Farmingfarming that provides for the basic needs of the farmer with little or no leftover for marketingUrbanrelated to or located in a cityWater-born Diseasesleading cause of disease and death around the world, mostly young children; usually caused by water sources contaminated by raw sewageWater Footprinttotal volume of water that is used to produced the goods and services, along with the effects of pollution by wastewater

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