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s/s for heat congested in lung orifice, T/p, Tx

nasal congestion with headache (forehead distention), loss sense of smell, yellow sticky discharge, chills and fever, aversion to wind, bodyache. Tongue: thin white or yellow fur, pulse: floating. Tx: disperse wind, alleviate pain, unblock nose

formula for heat congested in lung orifice

Cang Er Zi San

Points for heat congested in lung orifice

Lu 7 and Li 4 release exterior, Bitong and Li 20 unblock nose, yin tang, gb 20 wind gate

s/s for gall bladder heat

sticky yellow discharge with pus (foul odor), nasal cavity red and swollen, heaviness in head (dizzy), pain in forehead, pain in ala nasi, bitter oral taste, dry throat, irritable, insomnia, constipation, yellow dark urine (yin deficiency). Tongue: red with yellow fur, bowstring and fast pulse (wiry). Tx: drain excess fire from liver and gb, clear and drain heat from lower burner

formula for heat in gall bladder

long dan xie gan tang

poitns for heat in gall bladder

Bitong-li20, yin tang to open nasal passages, Du 23, Gb 43 (clear heat from GB), Gb 41-Sj 5 to open Dai mai), Gb 20: wind gate

s/s for damp heat in spleen channel

thick yellow mucus, nasal congestion, fatigue, heavy in head, no appetite, sticky sensation in mouth. Tongue: tip red with yellow greasy fur. pulse: fast or soft/slippery, tx: eliminate damp, clear heat, open orifice.

formula for damp heat in spleen channel

huang qin hua shi tang and cang er zi tang to clear heat and tonify spleen

points for damp heat in spleen channel

bitong-li20 to open nasal passages, du 23, sp 9/6, st 36

s/s for lung qi def and cold

clear nasal discharge, nasal congestion worse with cold, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweat, fatigue, pale face. tongue: pale with thin white fur, pulse deficient (no strength), tx: benefit qi, warm lung, disperse cold, open orifice.

formula for lung qi def and cold

wen fei tang (warms lungs)

points for lung qi def and cold

du 20, li 20 and du 23 open sinuses, st 36 and li4, ub 13 (moxa), gb 20

spleen qi deficiency s/s

chronic white nasal discharge, blurry vision, dizziness, poor appetite, loose stool/diarrhea, sallow complexion (pale yellow), tongue: pale with thin white fur, pulse: liesure, tx: benefit qi and spleen, raise clear yang and lower turbidity

formula for spleen qi ddeficiency

bu zhong yi qi tang

points for spleen qi deficiency

du 20, li 20, bi tong to open sinuses, du 23, st 36-sp 9 tonify damp, ren 12 and spleen 3, gb 20

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