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job specifications
A job specification spells out the qualifications necessary for an incumbent to be able to perform the job. Job specifications often include the experience, training, education, licenses, and certification required.
Which of the following is true of short-term objectives?
a. They create direction and synergy for the organization.
b. They take the place of action plans.
c. They establish priorities for allocating resources.
d. They must be created before unit strategies can be developed.

c. Short-term objectives specify the milestones that must be reached before long-term goals can be met. The short-term objectives are focused and specific, and at this point the organization can allocate the resources to meet them. It is important to note that short-term objectives do not take the place of action plans, which are a direct outgrowth of short-term objectives.
decreasing returns
Routine tasks are learned rapidly at first, and then the rate of improvement slows. Learning to use a computer mouse is an example.
An alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tool in which an organization determines who will resolve disputes is called
single designated officer
Which of the following activities is MOST likely to protect sensitive corporate data?
Encrypting employee computers and network communications
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to employers with . with
15 or more employees
Grouping separate activities as a unit rather than individually is a possible limitation of which of the following appraisal methods?
critical incidents
task assessment
compares job requirements to employee knowledge and skills to identify areas needing improvement.
The first stage of designing an OD intervention requires determining the target audience's readiness for the upcoming change. In this case, soliciting management's input is a way to diagnose their readiness and obtain commitment. Then, managers could be involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the new performance appraisal process
Content validity is the extent to which a selection device measures
knowledge, skills, and abilities
gantt chart - displays activities in sequential order and plots them against time
pert chart - used to schedule, organize, and coordinate tasks for project
benefits are:
identify if reallocation necessary can task be delayed
identify minimum amount of time
The needs analysis is a four-step process of ...
supply analysis
demand analysis
gap analysis
solution analysis
is a structured process to identify and learn from external best practices, methods, and processes
Theory X manager
The manager exhibits Theory X "authoritative" behavior. The Theory X manager believes that employees do not like to work and must be strictly controlled and monitored.
An independent training consultant copyrights training material. What is the period of protection that the copyright provides?
life of training consultant plus 70 yrs.
For anonymous works and works made for hire, the period of protection lasts for
95 years from the first year of publication or 120 years from the year of creation, whichever expires first.
An objective in broadbanding is to
support the de-layering efforts of an organization.
Employers with 100 or more employees and federal contractors with at least 50 employees and federal contracts of $50,000 during a 12-month period are required to file an annual report. The report is due by September 30 of each year. The annual reporting form varies by industry and includes a breakdown of the workforce by race and gender.
Which laws must be considered when administering return-to-work programs?
An employee may be covered under FMLA or ADA depending on the situation. These laws must be considered when making decisions affecting ill or injured employees.
Which of the following talent management training activities is best for senior managers?

a. University courses
b. Executive coaching
c. Training seminars
d. Conferences
b. exec coaching
An organization with 16 employees on its payroll is legally required to
give Vietnam veterans preference in hiring.
develop a written drug policy.
provide family leave.
hire regardless of national origin.
As amended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, which expanded its coverage, Title VII applies to most employers in the United States. It applies to most private employers who have 15 or more persons on the payroll for each working day of 20 or more weeks in the current or preceding year.
An ombudsperson is a neutral party with limited powers and cannot therefore negotiate for one party. The ombudsperson can investigate the dispute, establish facts, and refer the matter, along with the evidence, to management or to other forms of ADR. The ombudsperson cannot impose a decision or refer the matter for outside litigation.
The ARRA made several changes to HIPAA, including more stringent security breach notification requirements and increased notification requirements. Under the ARRA, covered entities and business associates must provide notification to any person whose protected health information has been breached. The ARRA also provides requirements for such notifications.
A key in branding is to align the brand with the organization's strategies. The brand should be designed to attract and retain the kinds of workers the organization needs most. Segmenting current and potential employees and tailoring branding messages will help to attract the best people to the most critical jobs.
The General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
requires that employers provide a work environment free of recognized hazards that could cause employee death or serious physical harm to employees, even if there are no standards governing the work area or industry.
According to OSHA record-keeping regulations, employers must post the annual summary for a period of
three months.
An employee is terminated immediately for an action described in the employee handbook as a summary offense. The employee challenges the termination. How should HR respond?
If the handbook clearly stated the consequences of the action and if HR can verify that the employee received the handbook, the termination is appropriate (assuming that there was no unstated reason that would violate the employee's statutory rights). Now is not the right time to establish consistency; this should be done regularly and proactively, not reactively.
Which of the following actions does not require copyright permission?
Citing a paragraph from a book in a training handbook
The Hazard Communication standard
requires that employees be informed of hazardous substances in the workplace through labeling, training, and written hazard communication programs.
job analysis
is a systematic study of jobs to determine what activities and responsibilities they include, their relative importance and relationship with other jobs, the personal qualifications necessary for performance of the jobs, and the conditions under which the work is performed. A job analysis enables an organization to recruit people with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Human resource personnel should review all disciplinary actions to ensure that such actions are consistent; to identify any EEO violations or employment-at-will actions; and to check for compliance with the union contract, if applicable, and federal, state, and local legislation. When such HR review is not possible, there must be assurances that supervisors have had training to administer discipline within appropriate guidelines.
the organization looks at whether it has the right personnel mix for the organization to achieve its short- and long-term business goals. It finds gaps in supply and looks for internal and external ways to fill them.
Talent management begins with
development of org. goals
Which of the following best describes a potential issue with defined benefit programs?
As more and more workers retire and begin collecting benefits, organizations, state and federal governments, educational institutions, and others struggle with having sufficient assets to pay for promised benefits. The enormous payments required to fund the pension plans can become unsustainable.
An organization evaluates jobs based on a set of compensable factors. Which of the following factors is the MOST legally defensible indicator?
Skill is the most quantifiable indicator listed and is therefore the most defensible under the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that contractors with more than 150 employees or a government contract in excess of $150,000 must maintain personnel/employment records for two years.
Privacy and data protection laws are more strict internationally than they are in the U.S. International laws also tend to be very different from U.S. law.
Narrow range spreads tend to serve as an automatic cost-control mechanism for base pay. In broadbanding, there is the potential for all employees to float to the maximum, which for many jobs in the band would be much higher than market value. As such, employers adopting broadbanding need to develop other cost-control and total payroll planning strategies.
As part of a workforce analysis, labor market trend data allows estimation of occupational staffing patterns, employment, and wages for other green establishments and helps guide staffing decisions to meet the organization's growth objectives.
Defined benefit plans are retirement benefit plans under which the benefit payable at retirement is specified in the plan and the contributions required to fund those benefits fluctuate as necessary to ensure that the plan has sufficient assets to provide the promised benefits.