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A real estate company is owned by the broker as a sole proprietorship. It is being sold to a corporation. What happens to the existing listings?
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A broker wants to open a branch office in Tempe, AZ. What is required by the ADRE?A SIGNWhen a salesperson does not take the required continuing education classes and his license is 15 days past due, what penalty is given to the broker?A FAILURE TO OVERSEE THE SALESPEOPLEWhen a salesperson does not renew his license within the required time period, he has a one year grace period. During the grace period he cannot have any real estate transactions. If he still has not renewed his license after the grace period it is:TERMINATEDThe two types of water in Arizona are:GROUND AND SURFACEHow many miles in a sectionONEHow many sections in a township36 (36 square miles). Sections start at right with number 1 - go left to 6 go down start with 7 then right to 12 down, start with 13 and so onWhen there is a dispute between a contractor and the property owners regarding the quality of the work done by the contractor, who should the property owners complain to?REGISTRAR OF CONTRACTORS