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  1. Slaughter of the animals
  2. Napoleon wanted the animals to keep working instead of spreading the revolution
  3. Battle of the Windmill
  4. Because the windmill didn't work, they lost a lot of time building
  5. Napoleon against the windmill and wanted them to keep working

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  1. Civil War (1918 - 19): Trotsky leads the Red Army against anti-Bolshevik armies when they try to overthrow the new Bolshevik regime.Battle of Cowshed


  2. Kronstadt rebellion: Soviet sailors in Kronstadt rebelled against Trotsky; they were brutally repressed.Mutiny of the Hens


  3. Trotsky's emphasis on heavy industry: Trotsky was in favour of rapid industrialisationSnowball sends out the pigeons


  4. Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939: Stalin agreed a non-aggression pact with Hitler, shocking the west.Agreement to sell the timber