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  1. Mutiny of the Hens
  2. Building of the windmill, failed because of the hurricane
  3. First talk of the building of the windmill (snowball)
  4. Battle of the Windmill
  5. The Rebellion

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  1. Stalin's emphasis on agriculture: Stalin thought agricultural policy was more important.Napoleon against the windmill and wanted them to keep working


  2. Stalin's 'socialism in one country: Stalin thought this was unrealistic and was more interested in protecting the Soviet Union against attack by other countries.Napoleon wanted the animals to keep working instead of spreading the revolution


  3. Trotsky's 'permanent revolution': Trotsky wanted workers around the world to rebel against leaders to create many revolutionary societies.Snowball sends out the pigeons


  4. Civil War (1918 - 19): Trotsky leads the Red Army against anti-Bolshevik armies when they try to overthrow the new Bolshevik regime.Battle of Cowshed