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Clip Art

premade graphics that are available online and in many software packages; may be vector or raster


raster images that contain millions of colors and realistic images

Art Work

computer created drawing or painting; may be vector or raster


the amount of detail displayed in an image


pixels per inch


samples per inch


dots per inch


lines per inch

Aspect Ratio

relationship of an object's width to its height

Anti aliasing

smoothes the lines or transitions between neighboring colors and shapes in an image


copying part of an image and placing it elsewhere


removing a part of an image


a process that approximates and adds colors that are not part of an image's original color palette


making the edges of an image appear blurry


used to apply special affects to an image


filling an object/image with a smooth transition of colors


compiling multiple pictures or objects together into one image


raster graphics applied as a fill


used to create filters and backgrounds


pivoting an object around its center point


removing the background color of a raster image to allow the image to blend in with its background

pixels per inch

number of pixels displayed (not contained) in an image

samples per inch

information about how to display a scanned, printed, or digital image

dots per inch

dots of ink or toner in a printed image

lines per inch

printer resolution

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