History 5 Ch 4

57 terms by EduArgumedo

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Old World History & Geography in Christian Perspective Chapter 4

Name the three peninsulas of the Middle East.

Arabian Peninsula, Sinai Peninsula, and
Asia Minor Peninsula

Which peninsula is called Turkey today?

Asia Minor Peninsula

Mount Ararat

The second-highest mountain in the Middle East where Noah's Ark is believed to have settled after the great Flood.

Most Arabs in the Middle East speak what language? and follow the religion of what?

Arabic ; Islam

What are the three most influential religions in the world?

Islam, Judaism, Christianity


Is the most important natural resource in the Middle East today.

What year was the modern nation of Israel founded?



Israel's capital.

What natural resource from Lebanon was treasured in the ancient world?

cedars of Lebanon

What is Lebanon's capital?


Captial city in Syria


Amman, the capital city of.....


What is the capital of Iraq?



An area of high, level land.


Dry, grassy plains with little rainfall.


Land that is able to grow crops.


The movement whose purpose was the return of the Jews to the Holy Land.


Islamic building of worship.


The year the modern state of Israel was formed and became a nation..


The god of Islam.


The holy book of Islam.

Three important rivers of the Middle East.

Jordan River, Tigris River, and Euphrates River

Three religions that began in the Middle East.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam


The founder of Islam.

David Ben-Gurion

The first prime minister of Israel.

What is the worlds largest Peninsula?

Arabian Peninsula

What is the Middle East's second-highest mountain?

Mt. Ararat

What language is the most common in the Middle East?


What is the single largest religious group in the world?


What is the largest city in Turkey?


What island nation is located south of Turkey?


What is the largest Middle Eastern nation?

Saudi Arabia

Which Middle Eastern country used to be called "Persia"?


The largest continent.


The world's largest Lake.

Caspian Sea

The world's highest mountain system.


The highest mountain in the world.

Mt. Everest

The altitude of Mt. Everest.

29,035 feet high

The world's coldest desert "outside of Antarctica".

Gobi desert

The largest country in the world.


The country with the most people.


The Middle East country "Israel"

Its capital Jerusalem

The Middle East country " Lebanon"

Its capital Beirut


capital Damascus


capital Amman


capital Baghdad

"Saudi Arabia"

capital Riyadh


capital Ankara


capital Tehran


capital New Delhi

Sinai Peninsula

Triangular peninsula where the Israelites wandered for 40 years.

Most Arabs in the Middle East speak what language?


Most Arabs in the Middle East follow what religion?


Climate of the middle east

hot and dry

Largest Peninsula


Country with most people


2 largest oil producers

Saudi Arabia, Iran

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