Los Quehaceres


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los quehaceres
to help
to cut the grass
cortar el césped
to work in the garden
trabajar en el jardín
to wash the car
lavar el coche
to make the bed
hacer la cama
to clean the kitchen
limpiar la cocina
to vacuum
pasar la aspiradora
to set the table
poner la mesa
to clear the table
quitar la mesa
to take care of the dog
cuidar al perro
to iron
to wash the clothes
lavar la ropa
to hang
to sweep
to pick up
to dust
quitar el polvo
to dust the furniture
sacudir los muebles
to dry the dishes
secar los platos
to water the plants
regar las plantas
to take out for a walk
sacar a pasear
to feed
dar de comer
to mop
to fold the clothes
doblar la ropa
What is it your turn/job to do at home?
¿Qué te toca a ti hacer en casa?
It is my turn/job to...
A mí me toca...
Who´s job is it to...?
¿A quién le toca...?

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