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  1. ina (異な)
  2. hyōonmoji (表音文字)
  3. i ga itai (胃が痛い)
  4. i to suru ni taranai (胃とするに足らない)
  5. hyōsetsu (剽窃)
  1. a plagiarism, piracy
  2. b to have a stomachache
  3. c strange, queer
  4. d a phonetic symbol/sign, a phonetic alphabet [-> 表音記号]
  5. e It is no wonder that, No wonder that

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  1. to snore heavily
  2. consolation, comfort
  3. distorted
  4. sober and elegant [style of writing]
  5. a drifting ship

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  1. hyōryūsha (漂流者)a plagiarist, a pirate


  2. hyōsō (表層)two sides, both sides; dishonesty


  3. hyōri (表裏)a cover


  4. hyōshōdai (表彰台)an honour platform


  5. ibushi (燻し)fumigation