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  1. i o tsuyoku suru (意を強くする)
  2. i to suru ni taranai (胃とするに足らない)
  3. ibu suru (慰撫する)
  4. ibo no aru (疣のある)
  5. hyōmentekini (表面的に(は))
  1. a warted
  2. b It is encouraging to
  3. c It is no wonder that, No wonder that
  4. d superficially, outwardly, on the face of it
  5. e to soothe, to appease

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  1. coercion
  2. oxidized silver
  3. to be haughty, to be arrogant, to brag, to have an air of importance
  4. stomach
  5. criticism, a comment, a review

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  1. ibiki o kaku (鼾をかく)warted


  2. hyōron suru (評論する)to criticize, to comment on, to review


  3. hyōrōzeme ni suru (兵糧攻めにする)to starve out


  4. ibushi (燻し)fumigation


  5. hyōyomi suru (表読みする)to come up to the surface