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  1. hyōzan (氷山)
  2. i ga itai (胃が痛い)
  3. ibunshi (異分子)
  4. ibutsu (遺物)
  5. hyūhyū naru (ひゅうひゅう鳴る)
  1. a to have a stomachache
  2. b a relic [of ancient days]
  3. c to whistle (through the air), to whiz
  4. d an iceberg
  5. e a foreign element, an outsider

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  1. a sign, a mark, a landmark; a beacon
  2. two sides, both sides; dishonesty
  3. a plagiarist, a pirate
  4. dishonest
  5. to torment, to tease; to be hard on

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  1. hyōshōdai (表彰台)an honour platform


  2. hyōron (評論)a critic, a reviewer


  3. idoshi (亥年)the year of the (Wild) Boar


  4. hyōtei suru (評定する)to criticize, to comment on, to review


  5. ina (異な)consolation, comfort