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  1. ikamera (胃カメラ)
  2. ibushi (燻し)
  3. hyōri no nai (表裏のない)
  4. hyōronka (評論家)
  5. ibiki o kaku (鼾をかく)
  1. a fumigation
  2. b a critic, a reviewer
  3. c to snore
  4. d honest
  5. e a gastro-camera

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  1. phonetic
  2. to cover
  3. to starve out
  4. the year of the (Wild) Boar
  5. a cover

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  1. i wa jinjutsu nari (医は仁術なり)to have a stomachache


  2. ibara no michi (茨の道)a thorny path


  3. i o tsuyoku suru (意を強くする)to express one's thanks


  4. ibokyōdai (異母兄弟/姉妹)a half brother/sister


  5. hyōmentekini (表面的に(は))to come up to the surface


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