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  1. ibu suru (慰撫する)
  2. iankai (慰安会)
  3. ibusu (燻す)
  4. hyōshōjō (表彰状)
  5. hyōri no aru (表裏のある)
  1. a dishonest
  2. b a citation, a testimonial
  3. c to soothe, to appease
  4. d to smoke, [蚊を] to smoke out
  5. e a recreation party

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  1. consolation, comfort
  2. a recreation trip
  3. to do not mind, to do not care
  4. oxidized silver
  5. to express, to show

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  1. i wa jinjutsu nari (医は仁術なり)to mind, to care


  2. hyōshi (表紙)the outer layer


  3. hyōsuru (評する)to comment on


  4. ibiki (鼾)a stomach trouble/disorder


  5. ibukaru (訝る)to doubt, to suspect