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  1. hyōshi o tsukeru (表紙をつける)
  2. hyōsetsu (剽窃)
  3. hyōsū (票数)
  4. hyōryūbutsu (漂流物)
  5. ibiru (いびる)
  1. a the votes, the number of votes
  2. b a drift
  3. c plagiarism, piracy
  4. d to cover
  5. e to torment, to tease; to be hard on

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  1. to have a stomachache
  2. below the freezing point
  3. to beat time
  4. consolation, comfort
  5. food, provisions

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  1. hyōsatsu (表札)a doorplate, a nameplate


  2. iburu (燻る)to smolder, [部屋が] to be smoky


  3. ibukaru (訝る)to smolder, [部屋が] to be smoky


  4. ibunshi (異分子)a foreign body/substance


  5. hyōsōnadare (表層雪崩)an honour platform