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  1. shai o hyōsuru (謝意を表する)
  2. hyōshi o awaseru (拍子を合わせる)
  3. hyōronka (評論家)
  4. hyōryū suru (漂流する)
  5. ibaru (威張る)
  1. a to be haughty, to be arrogant, to brag, to have an air of importance
  2. b a critic, a reviewer
  3. c to drift (about)
  4. d to express one's thanks
  5. e to keep time

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  1. to commend, to honour
  2. superficial, outward
  3. to criticize, to comment on, to review
  4. to snore
  5. the year of the (Wild) Boar

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  1. hyōshigi o utsu (拍子木を打つ)to beat time


  2. hyōsōnadare (表層雪崩)an honour platform


  3. hyōshōjō (表彰状)an honour, commendation


  4. iatonī (胃アトニー)gastric atony


  5. hyū to naru (ひゅうと鳴る)to whistle (through the air), to whiz


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