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  1. ibusu (燻す)
  2. hyōron (評論)
  3. hyōsuru (評する)
  4. hyōshi (表紙)
  5. i o furuu (威を振るう)
  1. a criticism, a comment, a review
  2. b to comment on
  3. c to exercise one's authority
  4. d to smoke, [蚊を] to smoke out
  5. e a cover

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  1. a castaway, a shipwrecked person
  2. a sign, a mark, a landmark; a beacon
  3. to rate, to grade
  4. superficial, outward
  5. snoring, a snore

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  1. hyōshō suru (表彰する)to drift (about)


  2. hyōryūsen (漂流船)a drifting ship


  3. i o tsuyoku suru (意を強くする)It is encouraging to


  4. hyōsuru (表する)to comment on


  5. hyōzan (氷山)an iceberg