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  1. i ni kaisanai (意に介さない)
  2. hyōshō suru (表彰する)
  3. iatsutekina (威圧的な)
  4. hyōsetsusha (剽窃者)
  5. ibaru (威張る)
  1. a to be haughty, to be arrogant, to brag, to have an air of importance
  2. b coercive
  3. c to commend, to honour
  4. d to do not mind, to do not care
  5. e a plagiarist, a pirate

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  1. honest
  2. superficial, outward
  3. to keep time
  4. to be as slippery as an eel
  5. to plagiarize, to pirate

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  1. ibara (茨)a thorn


  2. ikamera (胃カメラ)gastric atony


  3. ian (慰安)consolation, comfort


  4. hyōtei suru (評定する)to rate, to grade


  5. ibutsu (遺物)a relic [of ancient days]