21 terms

Youngblood's Dante's Inferno Set #1

This set of card is in preparation for a Dante's Inferno exam
the inability to control self, sins of the id like gluttony, wrath, lust
The neutral/uncommitted
chase after colored flags while they are repeatedly stung by insects
pagans and the unbaptized are found here; they are not punished but are melancholy
chased by cerebus who wants to eat them-they pursued food in life so in death they become pursued food
push rocks around each other protecting their own rocks even as they try to take others
stuck neck deep in muck while they try and batter each other; the sullen simply are stuck in the mud and ignored
placed in burning tombs
turned into trees
Violent against others/murderers
submerged in hot blood
violent against nature
are trapped on a burning sand plain while it rains down fire upon them
whipped by devils
immersed in human excrement
simony-abusing your position as a church official
placed upside down in a hole with your feet sticking out; your feet are then lit on fire
soothsayers/palm readers
heads are twisted backwards so they can't look ahead
covered by boiling pitch
wear lead clothes
in a snake pit are transformed into snakes as the snakes burrow and dig into their fesh, entwining ivy-like
evil counselors
concealed in flames
sowers of discord
are given wounds and mutiliations which never heal but always aggravate
liars, counterfeiters, impersonators
given diseases such as leprosy, madness, and high fever about which they constantly complain though no one listens
Traitors against family, nation, and lords/God
stuck in the frozen river of Cocytus; this is also where we find Satan