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Digestive System

System inside animals in which food is taken in and broken down to the point at which useful substances can be abosorbed into and transported by the cicrulatory system to individual cells


Primary energy source


-energy source
-Insulates the body
-Protects vital organs from injury
-Conduct nerve impulse


Build and repair muscle and cell membranes


-Eneable chemical reactions
-Build bone and cartilages


-Chemicals used to make enzymes function
-Tissue development and tissue growth
-Fight and resist diseases


-Maintain fluid levels
-Regulates body temperature

The end product of Carbohydrates


The end product of Fats

Fatty acid and glycerol

The end product of Proteins

Amino acids


Made of cellulose and other indigestible materials created by plants

Why is fiber important

Simulates the muscle of the digestive system

Mechanical Digestion

Physically breaking food down into smaller pieces

Chemical Digestion

Separation of food into its molecular compnents by chemical means

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