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# of heartbeats per breath


___% of what you breath is oxygen


Parts of the Respiratory System

Mouth, Nose, Larynx, Trachea, Bronchi, Bronchioles, Lungs, Alveoli

Function of the Respiratory System

Supplying Blood w/ oxygen and remove CO2; Vocalize; Water balance


Made of rings of cartilage; attached to tongue includes epiglottis


trap door that stops food from going into lungs


Directs food, dangles in back of throat

Vocal Chords

In larynx; made of cartilage; thicker=deeper voice; testosterone makes them thicker

Lower Respiratory Track

Trachea and Lungs


Cartialge and muscle; horse shoe shaped rings; cartilage keeps it open


Left and Right

Left lung

Narrower, longer, two lobes

Right lung

Short, fat, 3 lobes


The passages that branch from the trachea and direct air into the lungs; Right and left

Left Bronchus

Straight across things

Right Bronchus

More vertical, bigger


smallest at end of bronchis


Only place you can exchange gasses; made of squamous cells; make up the lungs

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