APUSH American Pageant Chapter 32

warren g harding
worst president, only looked presidential, won election of 1920
ohio gang
hardings friends, partied and were dishonest
charles evans hughes
secretary of state
andrew mellon
secretary of treasury, 3rd richest man in US, could only see through eyes of upper class
herbert hoover
secretary of commerce, business man, engineer, republican
american leigion
1919-vet organization, created by TR Jr., conservatives
washington conference
1921-major countries though about what they could do for peace, decided to limit size of navies
kellogg-briand pact
paris 1928, 62 nations attempt to outlaw war by forbidding anyone to attack each other
fordney-muccumber tariff
highest tariff in america at the time, european countries couldnt pay it
teapot dome
scandal in Wyoming, sinclair oil bought oil for cheap
albert fall
secretary of interior, tried for acceoting bribe, found guilty and sent to jail
harding died
calvin coolidge
VP of harding, funny, conservative
farm block
congressmen from farm states wanted to help farms, government buys extra crops to send to poorer countries in europe, Coolidge vetoed
election of 1924
coolidge-re-elected for republicans, John Davis=democrats, liberal progressives=Lafallette
election of 1928
coolidge decided to not run, republicans=hoover from Iowa, democrats=al smith, against prohibition, catholic
hawley-smoot tariff
1930-60% tax on things from europe
black tuesday
10/29/1929 $40 billion lost in a day from easy credit, over production, buying on the margin-buying stock at 10% of value
homeless people in cardboard boxes, and newspaper blankets
biggest thing any president had ever done, not direct assistance, wouldn't hand money
bonus army
group of WW1 vets, promised in the 40s that they would recieve money from the gov. congress voted no by one vote, the vets wanted it and fought for it under eisenhour
Japan invaded China, captures mancuria in 1931, no one did anything about it