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used for securing work
The Fretsaw
a machine used to cut curves in material
Plastic dip coating
The metal is heated and is then dipped in a plastic powder eg: coat hooks.
powder coating
like dip coating but it is a more sophisticated process used in industry. The powder is sprayed onto products which run through an oven.
A thin plating layer of metal on the surface provides a durable finish to metals which are prone to corrosion.
steel rule
used for measuring up to 300mm in length
measuring tape
used for long measurements up to 5m
try square
Used for marking out straight lines on wood.
engineer square
used for marking out/checking right angles on PLASTICS & METALS
Mitre square
marking out/checking angles at 45o or 135o
mortise gauge
used for measuring/marking parallel lines on wood
cutting gauge
cut wood across the grains
used to scratch the surface of metals and plastics lightly
center punch
used to make an indent on metal surfaces
used for measuring & taking very accurate measurements
coping saw
Used for cutting curved shapes in wood or plastic.
Tenon saw
Used for cutting mortise and tenon joints and straight lines on wood.
dovetail saw
used to cut small accurate work (such as dovetail joints)
adjustable hacksaw
used for fine work and rougly cutting out materials
used to smooth and finish wood
Jack plane
smooths & flattens wood to size
smoothing plane
for finishing surface
Block plane
removes rough edges & makes a bevelled edge
Used for carving or shaping wood.
firmer chisel
general purpose chisel has a square edge
bevel edged chisel
had a beveled edge to allow it to get into corners (useful for cutting dovetails)
cold chisel
used to cut sheet metal
abrading tools
remove small particles of waste
removes waste wood quickly
Used to smooth rough or sharp edges from metal or wood.
cross filing
removes waste rapidly ONLY cuts forwards & should not be dragged across work piece
Draw filing
removes marks in the work left & smoother files should be used
flat files
remove waste on large flat surfaces quickly
round files
create curves and fillets
Pillar Drill
Used to drill larger pieces of material quickly and easily.
flat bit
used to make a hole all the way through
countersink bit
creates an indent for the head of the countersink screw so it's in line with the surface of it's material
hole saw
used to make large holes on thin materials used in electric drills
twist drill
used for drilling holes
fostner bit
used for large diameter holes
movable holding devices made to fit a part of your product
a hollow shape to be filled in
computer aided design
Computer aided manufacture
Computer numerically controlled
shape memory alloys
metal alloys that can remember their cold form shape
hand vice
used to hold small pieces of metal whilst they are being drilled