The Nervous System

List the three components of the nervous system:
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The brain is the ________________ center of the body.controllinks brain with body nerves and controls reflexes.spinal cordThe spinal cord is protected by the ________________________.vertebraeincludes all nerves branching from the central nervous system to the body.peripheral nervous systemThe central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system work together to respond to stimuli in your surroundings through the _______________________________.five sensesconsists of the brain and the spinal cord and is the control center of the bodycentral nervous systemautomatic response that occurs rapidly and without conscious controlreflexcoordinates actions of muscles and helps maintain balancecerebellumcontrols movement, senses, and speechcerebrumcontrols involuntary actions such as breathing and heart ratebrain stemYou will label a neuron: Dendrites Cell Body Axontransmits signals from the central nervous system to skeletal muscles, and from receptors of external stimuli, thereby mediating sight, hearing, and touch.somatic branch of the peripheral nervous systemcontrols visceral functions that occur below the level of consciousness (heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, and salivation)autonomic branch of the peripheral nervous systemPlease place the steps in place for the path an impulse takes.1. Receptors pick up information 2. Motor neurons send the message 3. Brain process the information 4. Muscle moves 5. Sensory neurons send on the message