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In heat, energy transfer from particle within certain materials, or from one material to another when the two are in direct contact.


material through which heat can be transferred


a means of heat transfer by movement of the heated substance itself, such as by currents in a fluid

greenhouse effect

The warming effect whose cause is that short-wavelength radiant energy from the sun can enter the atmosphere and be absorbed by the earth more easily than long wavelength energy rom the earth can leave.


A material that is a poor conductor of heat and that delays the transfer of heat.

Newton's law of cooling

The rate of cooling of an object is approximately proportional to the temperature difference ∆T between the object and it's surroundings. (rate of cooling ~ ∆T)

radiant energy

Any energy, including heat, light, and X rays, that is transmitted by radiation. It occurs in the form of electromagnetic waves.


Energy transmitted by electromagnetic waves.

terrestrial radiation

Radiant energy emitted from the earth.

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