Aeneid I vocab 24+ times 31-60

campus, i (m.)
plain, field, level surface
capio, ere, cepi, captus
take, seize, catch; captivate; deceive; occupy
caput, itis (n.)
head; summit; life, person
casus, us (m.)
chance, (mis)fortune; fall
cerno, ere, crevi, cretus
discern, perceive, understand, decide; fight
around, about, at, near (acc.)
clamor, oris (m.)
shout, roar, applause
classis, is (f.)
fleet, army, ship
comes, itis (m. or f.)
comrade, follower
coniunx, iugis (m. or f.)
husband, wife, spouse
corpus, oris (n.)
body, corpse, form
cum (conj.)
when, while, since, although
cum (prep.)
with (abl.)
cunctus, a, um
all, whole, entire
cura, ae (f.)
care, anxiety, grief, love
cursus, us (m.)
course, running; haste
(down, away) from, of, concerning, according to (abl.)
dea, ae (f.)
deus, i (m.)
god, divinity, deity
dexter, (e)ra, (e)rum
right (hand); favorable; f. subst. right hand
dico, ere, dixi, dictus
say, speak, tell, call, name, describe, chant
dictum, i (n.)
word, speech, command
dies, diei (m. or f.)
day, time, season
divus, a, um
divine, heavenly, deified; subst. divinity, god, goddess
do, dare, dedi, datus
give (forth), grant, allow, bestow; put, place, make
domus, us (f.)
house(hold), home, abode; family, race, line
donum, i (n.)
gift, offering, prize, reward
duco, ere, duxi, ductus
lead, draw (out), protract; produce, think
while, as long as, until, provided
e, ex
out of, from according to (abl.)